Bits of Sweetness: End of summer fun

End of summer fun

Changes are a coming. Fall is in the air. But, we are enjoying the last few days and weeks of summer. Here, we don't really have "fall" and "winter" per se. It's mostly just one long rainy season with a few sunny days in there, but lots of overcast and drizzle. So, we enjoy as much of summer warmth and sunshine as we can! Some of the fun we've enjoyed lately-

The Fair
It's a tradition every year! Although we have a good smaller local fair, we skip it and just head up to a bigger fair every year. It's just a dollar more for the tickets. And, it is sure fun! This year I was even able to get super discounted tickets from a "ticket blitz" they had early in the year. This year, we decided to get Andrew an unlimited ride bracelet since they were discounted and we knew he was tall enough (& brave enough) for a lot of the rides. Some pictures of our fun.

{absolutely perfect day for the fair!!}

{Andrew's very first roller coaster ride. He LOVED it!!! 
And even got to go with my dad! How special is that? }

{Had to get his face painted!! He requested a lion!
He was so still getting it painted! Such a good kiddo!}

{I love seeing his sweet tender side. He was so gentle petting the guinea pig (future pet perhaps?!)
And, the sheep fell in love with him (or he with it?!) and kept coming back to "talk" to each other}

I didn't do any of the rides this year (not that they would have let me!!) but was looking forward to this treat- the Moowich. A local dairy sells them every year, and we had yet to try them because last year they were sold out! This year we were not going to miss it! The Moowich is a homemade chocolate chip cookie with amazing vanilla ice cream in the middle. 
And, it is as amazing as it sounds! We will definitely be getting it again next year!
{I figure all the fair walking evens it out, right? ;-)}

Movie Nights in the Park!
Our Parks & Rec just started doing movie nights in the park this summer.
And, better yet, they are free!
We hadn't gone to one yet just because it stays light out so long during the summer!
And, midnight is little bit late to be getting done. But, since we are closer to fall,and it's dark by 8-9
 I decided that it might be fun to go to one. We went the night the Lorax was showing.
It was fun! {And, funny sidenote. I got mixed up on the night the movie was showing. 
I thought it was Saturday night. It was actually Friday. I had gone into town to run some errands Friday evening and double-checked the info on the movie night again. It hit me what night it really was. It was going to start in about an hour!! We didn't have anything with us for going to the park! But, I thought it'd be fun to try to pull it off anyways, and my Dad totally saved the day.
 It was completely worth it!!}
{Getting all snuggled up and ready for the show}
{Fun with Papa before the show. Andrew got him with a surprise tackle!}
{Give this kid a glowstick and he will love you forever!!}
{Time for the show! It was on this really cool inflatable big screen!}

Enjoying the Sunshine
Our town was built around logging and the railroad industry. So, when the railroad stopped going east of us(enter in logging trucks!), they decided years later to turn it into a trail! 
It starts really close to where we are & we enjoy walking it often. Last Saturday, Andrew was up early so we decided to do an early walk just because :)
{See the mountains in the background? I LOVE where we live! Ocean is 20 minutes the other way!}
{counting weeds flowers with Andrew!}
{If there are flowers, Andrew will pick one!! He always finds just the perfect one for me!
And his excited, "Mama!! I found a flower for you!!" melts my heart. Every time.}
{Our sweet little man, taking on the world one step at a time. I just discovered my phone has macro settings for its camera!! I got this shot on the setting. Gave the background a cool blur!}

We've enjoyed some sweet moments too. I love this one of Josh and Andrew.
I just love how much they love each other!

We don't have many plans this Labor Day weekend simply due to the fact that well, 
I am due in eight days! {Yes, eight!!} And, I don't really want to be laboring on Labor Day quite yet! (you can thank all the schoolwork I have for that one!! Plus.. the whole being 39 weeks pregnant deal!) Our plans are pretty simple: relax, enjoy time together, and a picnic tomorrow at a fun park nearby. That's all :) Simple yet enough for memories. What do you have planned?!
 Any end of summer fun you have yet to get in?

{p.s. New blog design is up! What do you think?!
 I'll be writing more on the neat little design shop I got it from later!}
Happy long weekend!!

And, a very special Happy Birthday to my mom! It's her special day today!!


  1. I LOVE your new look!! It's super cute and simple. Just the way it should be :)

    Also, it looks like the fair was a success!! We didn't get to go this year. Maybe next year!

  2. I LOVE your new look!! It's super cute and simple. Just the way it should be :)

    Also, it looks like the fair was a success!! We didn't get to go this year. Maybe next year!


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