Bits of Sweetness: Nominated again!

Nominated again!

I am once again blown away by my friends' sweetness! My dear friend Jessy, who never ceases to make me think, laugh, smile & be inspired by her posts over at Jessy's Jotted Thoughts, nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. I am stoked to answer her questions and come up with some more fun ones of my own for you. Here we go!

{Just a reminder how the Liebster Award works: It's a special blog award to recognize any bloggers who have under 200 followers. You write 11 things about yourself, answer the questions the person who tagged you made for you to answer, make 11 of your own, and tag 11 friends (or whoever you wish!) This time I am leaving the award open to anyone who has under 200 followers and would like to earn the award! I know! I know! Redefining things but that is what I do best ;-)  After all, I love all of you sweet friends/readers and it's a great chance to take part in this if you wish. SO, if you wish, consider yourself nominated, grab the button and join in!}

11 Things about myself:

1:: I would eat an entire thing of chocolate chip cookie dough if I could. Sometimes we make a thing just for that point! Forget the cookies! I just want the dough!
2:: I have never had sushi. And I don't really want to either. I am just not a sushi kind of girl.
3:: Working at Starbucks is on my bucket list. I have no idea why! It just is one of those things!
4:: My first paid job was at a firework stand one summer. It was amazing. Some good friends of ours owned the stand, had quite the sweet setup with a tv, movies, lots of good food & drinks, not to mention my best friends were also working the stand! All the money I made was spending money for the rest of the summer!
5:: I am constantly misplacing my phone. It's pretty bad. I seriously need some kind of phone finder because wouldn't you know it, it's almost always on silent when I misplace it. (Why is that?!)
6:: I am way too sentimental! If there's a momento from something I will save it. This may or may not include ticket stubs from ferry rides, movies, events, or any other fun events I go to with friends and/or Josh, as well as sweet little tokens our son gives me or finds on including but not limited to, art projects, feathers or rocks found on a walk, seashells claimed at the beach, and more.
7:: I don't find it "hot" where we live and love the summers. Even the "heat wave" of 85-90 degree weather we get in the summer for like, 2 weeks.  It's ironic to me to hear everyone complaining about the "heat" up here because really. It's not that bad. Then again, that just has to do with the fact that I grew up in Salt Lake and so, "warm" spring weather was in the 80s- low 90s. Summer, true summer was high 90s-low 100s. That for me is summer. And, I have to say, I kindof miss it. For you Pacific Northwesterners though, I totally have sympathy for you. I know it just seems hot and not any fun when it hits about 78. You'll survive though, I promise!
8:: I don't have anything I really collect right now. I should totally change that too. At one point growing up, I collected postage stamps and had quite the impressive collection. People would send me their stamps and it was lots of fun. Maybe I should start that up again? there are some cool stamps out there! The stamp collecting is way cooler than the "souvenir" collecting my friend and I decided to do when we were like, 9 or 10:: We thought it would be neat to save "souvenirs" from our walks outside and so, we started to collect anything from our walks- branches, rocks, leaves, and even garbage wrappers we found! {I bet my parents are glad that collection did not last long!!}
11:: Despite what everyone says, I will never be talented or even remotely good at anything resembling sports. I have no coordination. And, most people swear this can be improved but really. I have like the biggest disconnect ever between my eye and my arms. No joke. Not to mention, there is the fact my brain just simply cannot wrap around anything relating to coordinated movement. Like hitting a baseball? Yeah... Art is another one I will never be good at. I can't even draw a star. Or a circle. Or a straight line perfectly or even remotely well. For me, I'd rather just watch and enjoy others who are good at it. Have to say though, being able to laugh at yourself is a pretty good skill! And, who knows. Maybe I have something going with photography & what I can do there. Maybe.

Jessy's Questions for me.
1. Are you a morning person or a night person?
If I get enough sleep, I am either. Choice though? Night.
2. What is on your nightstand by your bed?

Lots of good books. One I just started called The Shoemaker's Wife. It looks really good and I'm enjoying it so far. (And, amazed that I am actually reading anything!!)
3. If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

A dolphin might be interesting! Or some kind of big cat to be able to run that fast!
4. What is your favorite season?

Summer and fall.
5. Who is the neat freak, you or your significant other?

Definitely me. I notice more of what needs done than Josh does. 
6. If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

my Grandma Jessie. She sounded like an incredible person. 
7. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Well... that might be a tough one considering no airline in the world would let me fly!! 
If you were to ask me this several months ago though, I would have said Kuai'i. The same would be true in a few months too! I'd do nothing but relax on the beach. Maybe do a few touristy things. but mostly just relax. I would totally go alone too. I thrive on alone time. 
8. Do you like to read? If so, what is your favorite book?

yes. I used to be an incredible bookworm. Now though, time and other responsibilities limit it. However, I am finding the relaxation from it is totally worth making the time for it!
9. What is your favorite color?

10. Who was your most influential teacher?

Ooh that's a hard one. I could not pick just one. I was blessed to go to two fantastic private schools with great teachers who had a heart for teaching and their students. Then for highschool I did video school through a private school in Florida that also had fantastic teachers. Some were definitely better than others. But they all inspired me and I learned a lot. Some of my hands down favorites though from my highschool years were Jeff Redlin, David Duby & Sandy Schmuck. {Anyone else out there do video school? These names might ring a bell :) } Mrs. Schmuck was just one of those special teachers who you never forget. She and my mom were best friends from college days & remained friends until she passed away last year from cancer. I will never forget the selfless life she lived and how much joy she had in her heart. It shone through. It was an honor to make a special scrapbook for the family of thoughts and memories from others.  
11. What is the oddest thing you've ever eaten? Did you like it?

Octopus in a quiche, jellyfish tentacles in some kind of dish I don't remember the name of and miniature squids (not fried. Whole.) in pasta salad. The octopus and jellyfish were at this restaurant I visited while in South Korea and I loved both. The squid was on our flight back to the US and I only ate it to say I did. I almost lost my lunch with that one. Ohh man. The memories there! But, hey, I can say I did it right?!

Now, my questions for you:
1. How did you meet your significant other or best friend? 
2. What is your favorite dish (home-cooked? from a certain restaurant or place?)
3. What is a funny memory you have? 
4. How many siblings do you have? Names and ages? (or, just names ;-) )Are you close to them?
5. What is something you never thought you would do but did? Did you like it?
6. Where was your first job?
7. Even Superman has his kryptonite. What is yours?
8. If you found an extra $5 in your wallet, what little splurge would you spend it on?
9. Congratulations! That rich uncle you never knew about just left you with a million dollars. Now what?
10. Did you ever wish you had a different name? If so, what is it?
11. Speaking of names, what is your middle name?


  1. This is great! I am so sentimental EVERYTHING! And I always lose me phone too and of course it's always on silent. Stopping by from your post last week of my FITBF, thanks for reading mine and sorry I took so long! Praying for you and your future little one...will be checking in to see pics! :)

  2. I am the same way about cookie's pretty crazy! lol

    I also have yet to find a sport that I'm remotely decent at! ;)


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