Bits of Sweetness: See you in a month {or.. so..?}

See you in a month {or.. so..?}

John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." 
True, isn't it? 
My plans this month were to finish up school, take a 5 week leave of absence from school, and just have 
a month to do nothing but enjoy our new little one and rest. I found out yesterday no more leaves are allowed which means this month will be filled with school too+adorable newborn+rest somewhere in there.
Pray for us all to survive! We thought life was pretty crazy already!

I am taking a little blogging hiatus for now. {You all umderstand, right? :) } 
But, not without first leaving you with some pictures of our life lately. Enjoy! 

Moments after birth

Adrian had been crying & I heard him stop. I came in to find this. 
My heart is officially a puddle of mush

{Milk drunk little man}

See you in a little while :)

If you're anxious for more pictures, I'm lrailing on Instagram 

Happy weekend!


  1. Wow! Sending you good (restful!) thoughts and prayers! Stay sane :)

  2. Awww...he is so precious! Enjoy your break! It looks like Andrew is a great big brother already! :)

  3. Oh Laura, I'm so happy for you! Such a beautiful family you have and your boys are so precious! :)

    Hope you are able to get some rest during this crazy time. Sending you hugs and relaxing thoughts! ;)

  4. Awwww, adorable pics! Congrats!!

  5. Such beautiful pics Laura!! I completely understand you need a break. We will all be here when you return, so take all the time you need! Love to you my friend xo


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