Bits of Sweetness: So long, farewell.

So long, farewell.

Tomorrow, our beloved couch is leaving us. It is really surprising but I am having a hard time with this. I don't even know why. You should see the pattern. Really. It's laughably retro. Brown and cream and red. We've wanted the thing gone for forever. But, see, it has a hide-a-bed (aren't those the handiest things ever?!) and is super comfy.{ I'm pretty sure it has a permanent depression in the middle from all the years I've sat on it in just one spot!} We've had this couch almost our entire married lives. It has so many memories attached to it. Snuggling on it while we stayed up late watching a movie back in our kid-free days. Sitting on it while we held a tiny newborn Andrew, just home from the hospital. Spending many a sleepless night on it those first few months after Andrew was born. Snuggling with a sick Andrew on it with my Great-Grandma's hand-made afghan. Reading some really good books while relaxing on it. Being up late many a night recently sitting on it while doing school. This couch has so many many memories that come to mind with it. It's like a freaking scrapbook! Tomorrow though, it goes goodbye. And, I am a little sad. Ok ok Seriously I know. I should have a reality check here because it's a couch. A couch. A simple old hide a bed couch. That would not win any awards for looks! But, here's the consolation in it- the couch is going to this family in need. This family with a child and a little 1 month old baby who has been staying at our local Friendship House for homeless women & children. The director contacted me after seeing my post because this family was just able to get their own little apartment. They don't have much (or any?!) furniture though :( I was more than happy to meet that need! I am so excited for them to be getting their own place! And, to think that our hide-a-bed is going to provide a couch (and maybe even a bed?) for this sweet deserving family. I thank God that the director of the Friendship House was the one who saw the posting on our local Freecycle. It is amazing how He works. It easily could have been the person who emailed me shortly after looking for retro furniture to redeco their camper!

Can't say you won't see me shedding a little tear or two tomorrow though. I am going to miss that silly couch.

And, just to humor you. A picture of it :)

{So tell me. Am I the only one who has gotten so stinking attached to something?! What is your story? :) }

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