Bits of Sweetness: Keeping it Real

Keeping it Real

So, I walked into Andrew's room the other day to find this...

Yeah... I know huh. 

You'd think he likes to spread our while playing or something?!?

(And no, it doesn't always look like that! He loves to play Angry Birds and has to clean up his room to earn playing time, so it didn't stay like this for very long! )

So now you know. Our house definitely looks like people live in it! Hahaha...

Keeping it real people. Keeping it real. 

{And... now to go find some good  storage to actually contain all his toys.
That bookshelf just isn't quite cutting it! :)  }


  1. haha. Love it. I remember those days only too well. My usual comment was, "it looks like a bomb exploded in here!" ha. Now I have a room that looks like this when my grandson comes to visit but the rest of the week it is picked up...enjoy it now sweetheart!

  2. Holy Moly! I remember my boys doing the same. I always took advantage of those days to put all the pieces back where they really belong. LOL

  3. I feel your pain. My boys who are 11 and 8 do the same thing. 11 years of legos, that's A LOT of legos. And those plastic tubs storage units cannot be underestimated for the pristine clean that they bring. Happy to be a new reader here.

  4. Hi Larua, I gave you an award on my blog. :D

  5. Hi Laura!

    I love REAL posts like this when bloggers keep it real. My house looks like that often and I don't even have kids yet!

    Also - I'm a big fan of your blog and I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find out more about it here:



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