Bits of Sweetness: Our new normal

Our new normal

As I write this, it is 1:00 pm and we have yet to get out the door to run a few errands I have on the list. I almost laugh at how much work it takes to get out the door these days. It's like we are packing for a trip. Four hours later we are finally ready. maybe! I am so thankful for the days that Josh is here to help. I have no idea how single parents or ones whose spouse is deployed or away do it. Serious kudos to you! I think you earn a medal for all you are doing!

For whatever reason, the thought of going from one to two really scared me. I don't even know why but in my mind it seemed like a daunting thought, having two totally different needs to manage and two little ones to now care for. I didn't know if I could really do it or not, but here we are! Some days I feel pretty on top of it. I have everything together, we get out the door mostly on time, I have the five zillion bags and things for us (haha ok not really but it!) and the boys are both happy. I think- hey I am doing this two kiddo thing and rocking at it.

And then there are the times where Adrian is crying and needs a diaper change and the laundry is all over and Andrew has decided today is an awesome day to showcase every toy he has all over the living room and then do some great art project involving glue all over the kitchen table, on my new tablecloth. But, just when I am ready to check myself into mommy timeout (for the day!) Adrian gives me the cutest grin, and Andrew says something adorable and then I realize that these two are everything. They are my world.

I guess we are doing this two kiddo thing. Everything takes longer, and some days we are wondering if it's bedtime yet (um.. only 10 am?! No way.) but we sure wouldn't trade it.

Some things help us survive the days though!

My lifesavers?

::Swaddle wraps- we seriously have like five of these! They are amazing and help Adrian sleep longer. I don't know about you but I can't swaddle worth beans. He's a little stinking houdini and gets out every time if it's left up to me!
::Sleep & plays- one piece adorable outfit that's easy peasy? Um, yeah! Anything to help!
::Huggies Little Snugglers- I love these. We rarely have a problem with anything on clothes! Adrian is pretty little and no size 1s fit him yet! I am thankful for Huggies! Their newborn size fits just perfectly.
::Purex Baby detergent- gentle, smells good, and a fraction of the cost of more expensive brands of baby detergent ($2.99 at our Walmart versus $9+for others!)
::Moby wrap- love this. Finally took the time about a week before he was born to get it figured out. He loves it. Sometimes he just wants to be held but he loves this too!
::Fisher Price Woodland Friends swing. This was a $25 steal off of Craigslist! Adrian loves the cradle-like feel of the swing and sleeps for a long time in it.
::Coconut oil- I love this stuff. It smells amazing. It has about a million uses. It's gentle. And, I just recently discovered it makes the best diaper ointment ever.
::Target- their low prices on the things we need as well as their amazing clearance prices means we are there a bit. {Yeah.. yeah.. it might be our second home.. and?!} :)

What helped you survive the newborn days?

{Someone learned how to smile!}


  1. Egads… my newborn days are behind me with my boys. I do however, have my own daycare business. I have this sleeper for infants that I L.O.V.E. I reminds you of footie PJ without the feet. It keeps them warm without worrying about a blanket and having it fall off, making baby cold.

  2. I know what you mean...having a supportive spouse is a HUGE help!

    I still need to watch that moby wrap video you sent me. :/ My husband's job is throwing us a baby shower. I was trying to figure out what we might need. I'll definitely take note of your suggestions...thanks!


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