Bits of Sweetness: Two months old

Two months old

Two months old. It has flown by. Do they all go by so quickly?! It's quite crazy really. As they say, the days (or, nights :) ) are long and the years are fast. It's too true! I am being reminded to make the most of each and every moment.

It has been incredible watching our family of three go to a family of four so beautifully. Well, at least for the most part. There are the days I forget to check for any diapers in the diaper bag and end up tailing it with a very very sad little guy, football style through the store just trying to get that package of diapers and make it through checkout before the desperate hungry cries commence. (true story). Or the days where we wake up at 8:40 and Pre K starts in 5 minutes and Andrew ends up going with a cookie for breakfast and no socks under his rain boots (also a true story). Or the nights Josh and I are pausing Downton Abbey for the, oh, about the 15th time because Adrian of course has the most amazing radar for mama & daddy time (seriously, how do they do that?!). Despite all the bumps in the road though, we are sure loving our two amazing boys. 

Two months. 

This month, Adrian-

::has a bit more fine, dark blonde hair. It's adorable
::has started smiling & has almost laughed a few times
::loves talking to us
::is awake for up to an hour at a time
::loves his playmat and tries to touch the animals
::recognizes our voices
::holds his head up for a long time
::has super strong legs that he loves to put pressure on & launch himself
::loves to wiggle
::only wakes up 1-2 times at night (yay!!)
::has the cutest little face 
::loves to snuggle
::is SO alert 
::loves to track things with his eyes and is very good at it too!
::is a pro at tummy time
::is very social & doesn't like to be alone for long
::already has a special bond with his brother
::is over 9 lbs!

Happy 2 months baby boy!

Watch me grow!


  1. So crazy that it's been that long! He's adorable :)

  2. Laura, he is absolutely gorgeous and yes, they big soo fast! I love these pictures and what a great way to record his growth. I'm sure you can't wait to compare at the end of his first year. Too sweet! Enjoy!! :)

  3. They grow so fast. Your baby boy is beautiful! (Can you use the word beautiful for a boy?)

  4. Look at Andrew's little mini-me!! So darn adorable :) Yes the time goes by way too quick, get as many baby snuggles in while you can xo


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