Bits of Sweetness: Update on Taylor

Update on Taylor

Thank-you to everyone who prayed! Taylor is now tumor free!!! The surgeon was at it for ten hours and successfully extracted the tumor that ended up being the size of his (large) fist! It was entwined in six major arteries and veins. He got it all though! I just love this photos. Only by the grace of God did the surgeon get all of that tumor with the length of time that it took! 

Please continue to keep this sweet family in your prayers. They did several scans where the tumor was and one came back noting a little bit of cancer left which is pretty amazing for this kind of tumor. She'll begin round six of chemo next week. Please also pray for Taylor as she heals from such a big surgery! They have her on a ventilator right now so she can heal as much as possible. She (understandably) is not a big fan of the hospital! 

Just a picture of sweet Taylor to share with you and remind you to keep praying!

If you'd like to help the family, the link to their fundraiser is here. Thank you so much for your prayers & support!


  1. Hi Laura,
    I did a post for Taylor. I am hoping the prayers for this sweet girl were spread. Keep me updated on her progress.

  2. Aww poor baby girl :( I am so relieved the Dr's got all of it out and I wish for her a speedy recovery and successful chemo. What a sweet little girl, my thoughts and love to her and this family xo


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