Bits of Sweetness: Weekend recap

Weekend recap

It has been chilly here! I have been enjoying the heater and fuzzy socks a lot lately!! Despite all the chilly weather, we've made some pretty good memories! Thanksgiving this year was pretty sweet! It's tradition to have it at my Dad's parents! I love the time with family and am so thankful that Andrew and Adrian are now able to take part in one of my favorite traditions ever. It's so special to see the memories they are making too now! I love that they'll be able to look back and share in  these sweet traditions too. A few photos of our holiday weekend.

After my grandma made a comment about everyone else enjoying the pumpkin pie (she can't have sugar), I decided to make a sugar-free pie just for her! After all, what is Thanksgiving without pie?! I didn't want to leave her out! It must have been destined to happen because....
I got the last pumpkin pie spice!! (and on sale too!!!)

A few hours later and...
ta-da!! Sugar free pumpkin pie and whipped cream! They were pretty good if I do say so myself!

I also made this seriously tasty version of green bean casserole that had NO cream of anything soup in it!! It was also vegetarian friendly, much to the delight of some family members!

Some more pictures from Thanksgiving that I love-
Andrew and my Grandma catching some snuggle time

A sweet moment with my Grandma and Adrian

Other weekend moments-

Andrew's "healthy" snack {at least it's multi-grain right? ;) }

Getting some shopping in
{Why hello mini adult all set with smoothie in  hand!}

Laughing at good jokes

Chuckling at the redneckness of our town (ok that's not even a word but I say it is!)
Getting our first Christmas card in the mail {!!!!!!!!}
Getting a nap or two {or three.. or four...} in

Playing Angry Birds with Josh's dad and brother
And.. just being pretty cute in general {at least two of us that is!!}

How did your holiday weekend go? Get any good shopping in? I am happy to say, I slept all the deals away! I like my bed and baby snuggles way too much! To each his own though ;-)


  1. I do a lot of vegetarian dishes at Thanksgiving. I do not eat a lot of meat, as well as a few other family members. You did a really nice thing for your grand mom. Looks like you has a wonderful holiday.

  2. Thats really neat to make your grandma a sugar free pie!
    We went out at 10:00 Thanksgiving night to get our deal! We always stay up late so that was perfect :) We still have old school tv's and bought one at a pretty good price.
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

  3. Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend Laura! Lots of cute pictures too :)
    I am sure your Grandmother appreciated the sugar-free pumpkin pie xo


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