Bits of Sweetness: 3 months old

3 months old

Dear Adrian,
You, our sweet boy, are somehow 3 months old already!
I don't know how this is even possible! Somehow though, it is!
It has been a joy to see your little milestones this past month.

This month you-

-learned how to spin around and around
-still sleep almost entirely through the night, waking up just once to eat
-stay awake longer (over an hour!)
-started giggling
-react to being tickled
-started launching yourself in the jumperoo
-play for 20 minutes in the jumperoo all by yourself
-love to talk, coo, and squeal to anyone willing to talk to you
-started wearing some 3 month clothes
 (but still mostly in 0/3 m)
-have tummy time nailed already. You have crazy neck strength my boy!
-push yourself up & try to launch yourself forward on your knees while on your tummy. To which I am thinking maybe we need to do less tummy time?! No crawling yet sweetie! You have to stay our sweet little baby a little longer!
-started drooling and working on your first tooth
-adore your big brother & smile at him

I recently got a new light set for my studio and thought I'd try it out with Adrian. The following are some of my favorites.

hello blue eyes!
Eek so cute!


  1. Darling pictures! Love that he has started to giggle!

  2. Awe! He is so precious! Can't believe he is 3 months old!


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