Bits of Sweetness: Andrew 5 years!

Andrew 5 years!

It has been amazing to be this sweet boy's mama. It's incredible that he is already five. He adds so much to our family!

Some highlights of the past year-

Learning all of his colors, shapes, letters & numbers
Learning to count to 100
Reading his first word
Sounding out simple words we spell to him
Coming up with incredible things like the "secondary colors"- green, purple & orange of course!
Learning basic cooking skills
Deciding he liked pineapple & almonds
Growing and eating his very own tomatoes!
Building intricate things with his Trio & Clipo blocks and also Legos
Becoming a big brother
Learning how to button his clothes
Learning how to write his name on his own
Moving from drawing abstract things to specific things like rocket ships and people!
Picking out things for his very first Samaritan's Purse Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
Starting his first year of Pre K and second year of Cubbies at AWANA

Dear Andrew,

I can hardly sum up in one letter the joy it is to be your Mama. You have SO much personality, my boy. (In fact, that's what your Pre-K teacher said- that you have a great personality!) You love to make people smile and laugh. I love that about you! You are so persistent and make us chuckle at the ways you will find to make something work! We can't fool you anymore with silly excuses! You find a way right through them!! This was such a big year for you sweetie  with so many changes- starting Pre K and getting a little brother but you have done incredible with it all. Adrian absolutely adores you, and so do we! I am so happy you have a little brother to share life with now! Your personality has been so neat to see too. You are so SO outgoing and a little leader! We are so thankful for you Andrew! We love you!


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