Bits of Sweetness: And on a belated holiday note...

And on a belated holiday note...

I guess you could say this post is overdue! We had a lot of fun this holiday season but I didn't end up publishing the post for it! And then throw in a ten day trip to see family and it's not even close to being a "holiday" post, but oh well :) For posterity sake, right :) {And after this to start planning Valentines Day stuff lol}

My brother was able to fly in on military leave so we enjoyed lots of time with him.

Josh's mom and her hubby were also able to fly in- double treat! 
The boys were thrilled to see them.

One of the highlights for us was the Lights of Christmas event with more than a million lights.
It is spectacular. The hot mini donuts are probably my second favorite part!
Some of my favorite things this holiday were the sweet handmade gifts from Andrew. 
How cute is this snowman?!

I adore his cheesy grin on this ornament from his AWANA class!

Then of course there is the food during the holidays. Every year we have our traditional pull apart bread.
It is so good. {Recipe found here}

We made gingerbread houses
Andrew was pretty pleased at how his turned out!
I'd have a better picture of the house, but the frosting we were using for "glue"
wasn't very good and the entire thing fell apart literally right as I was framing a photo!
It was fun though (and yummy!) If you ever need good frosting, apparently royal icing
is the way to go. You can find the recipe here.

We love getting Christmas cards from friends and family, so I thought of making a garland with them
to display them a little prettier. I think it was a hit!

I picked out a pretty tree topper this year that was lit and very pretty,
 but the thing would not stay on the tree! So, plan B.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. There is something so special about Jesus coming to earth
as a little baby to save us if we choose to accept his gift of salvation. I love celebrating it beyond the season.
I'm not one to rush right into the next holiday. I mean, yes, it's on my mind, but the meaning 
of the season lingers on. {Meaning: You may or may not find Christmas stations playing from Pandora
way past Christmas. And, I love it. } Anyone else like post holiday cheer?

p.s. my favorite picture from the entire Christmas season?
This one. Of Andrew walking hand in hand with my brother.

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