Bits of Sweetness: New Years words for me

New Years words for me

I don't have one word for 2013. I have two- letting go. (Typical me. Being unique and not just going with one.) This has been on my mind a while, especially as a mom, and a person, and a blogger. There are so many things I take to heart, sometimes too much so. Have you heard that comment, you know the one. The kind that stings a little (or a lot?) or just makes you cringe because you really didn't want to hear it, or it happened to rub just the wrong way? Or the situation that didn't go quite as planned and you just can't get over it? Or the person who did something that you just can't believe and you can't let go of it? Or that advice that was really really unwanted? I've been through all of those. The things that just stick and hurt or else just get me a little bit riled. After all, it's hard to let go of something that tugs on your emotions. We want to change the world, and maybe just maybe make a difference. But, life doesn't always work that way. I don't know about you but it's hard to let it go. To just move on, but that is exactly what God has been speaking to my heart about- to let go and give it to God. This year, I want to let things go more- to not let the little hurts simmer away, but rather to just let them go because come on. Let's face it. Simmering does no good except build a greater divide between us and the individual we are letting our emotions (usually anger or resentment) build towards. And usually, they have no idea, which makes it even worse. Ahh letting it go. So much easier said than done. But it is so freeing. And, I know I need that.

So, here's to smiling more & holding on less...


Now... to go conquer that...


  1. I had a friendship that went sour. It took me a long time to let go of the anger, the disappointment and even the grieving process. Sometimes it is hard to let go but it is so much healthier for you to do so. Great advice Laura!

  2. thanks for sharing this. it is hard to let go. struggling with that right now. good phrase for the year.

  3. Yes.. good words! I struggle with this too and have lost a couple friendships and have had to let go. It's hard, but totally worth it and doable :)

  4. Love this! Something ill be working on as well. :)


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