Bits of Sweetness: These days...

These days...

-you might find Andrew sneaking leftover chow mein.... for breakfast! And cold too (what a kid!) According to him, he loves it and it's his very favorite!
-you may find a pan soaking on the stove for the third time in a row, attempting to get the 3-hour-baked-on chicken curry & sauce off. Silly me forgot to set a timer for the hubby and, being the sweet hubby that he is and great daddy, he was a little busy watching the kiddos to notice. Oops. My bad!
-you might find me wearing some of the hubby's socks because all of mine are either mismatched ones in my drawer or are who knows where. (yeah.. so about that laundry..)
-we love to steal in baby kisses and snuggles.
-Adrian may or may not sleep with us because, well, everyone all around gets so much more sleep and feedings go incredibly smooth that way. SO.. yeah... Andrew slept in his crib and, have to say, we did not get much sleep the first six months until we sleep trained him. This time around is a dream compared. We are planning on moving him to his own crib in a few months once he is down to just one or two feedings a night though (maybe ;-) )
-we've been working on de-reacting to Andrew. (Ok is that even a word? I guess it is now). I have a post to come on that but basically, this little trick does wonders when we are hit with a moment of frustration or a fit on his part. Instead of giving in and getting upset or frustrated back at him (because after all, we are the parents! He should be listening, so now we can get upset right?! um, no.) we instead calm down and talk in a quieter voice. It in turn helps calm him down, {most of the time}. (Now, remind me of this the next time I forget. Because some days I need reminders like 100 times.) Really though. Try it. The next time your kid throws a fit, try turning your voice volume down and talking to them in a calm voice. It works. Your kid won't know what's up.
-you'll find me more often than not in sweats and realizing I haven't showered for the day yet at 5 pm. Ahem...
-you'll find an extra pot of coffee going for Josh
-there may or may not be a few more pre-made items (as in, not homecooked) in the freezer than normal. {But um, there's two bags of salad in the fridge! Does that make up for it?? :D }
-you'll find a hand-written letter or two lying around. I love writing letters!
-we are a little late getting places. Oops. Getting out the door with two is fun for sure!! At least today we were only three minutes late to our doctor appointment!
-we are loving the bond between our boys.
-I may or may not have just finished my hubby's mountain dew. Oops :-/

Just a peek into our lives lately :)

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