Bits of Sweetness: 5 months of Adrian

5 months of Adrian

Adrian turned 5 months this past week. We are immensely enjoying our little bundle of sweetness.

Some highlights this month-

He has started eating solids! 
So far, applesauce and peaches are the only things he's eaten and he loves both. 
He is now very interested in food and will squeal and squawk at us if he doesn't get any!
He has started reaching for and grabbing anything he can.
{Especially food!!}
He's started showing emotional reactions to specific things happening. 
Andrew took Sophie the giraffe away the other day and Adrian 
started squawking and crying about it!
He loves his people and will look to make sure we're all counted for!
He can roll over from his tummy to his back and almost the other way around!
He's found his toes
He loves his jumperoo and will play in it for a long time.
We really have to watch him in his bumbo because, little buddy is strong!
He can already arch himself all the way out!
He loves to be startled and will giggle and giggle about it.
He sings along in a sweet little voice at church or with us, or even on his own.
He loves people! He has no problem striking up a conversation with anyone at church or the store.
He might play shy and peekaboo at first though!
He got to go on his first airplane ride (and did great!)
He's still nursing like a champ (or little piggy!) and I am so so happy it's worked out!
He thankfully will take a bottle from daddy if we need!
He's up to some 6 month clothes now!! (depending on the brand)
We are so in love with this sweet gift from God!


  1. Oh my gosh he is way too cute!!

  2. What a handsome little lovey! Following back! :)


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