Bits of Sweetness: Andrew lately

Andrew lately

This kid... He has sure given us our money's worth!!

Some quotes from him lately.

Mama, I love you as much as a circle! A circle? Why a circle? Because! It keeps going and going and never stops and I love you that much!

Mama, you and daddy need to kiss each other! (So, we kiss) No! You have to kiss for a long time because you love each other a lot!

I'm going to save all my pennies up in my money jar so we can go fly to Alaska! (He has about $2.00 right now ;-) )

I love you a million m & ms!

As we were dropping him off at Papa's(my dad's), he asked us, "Are you and daddy going on a *date*?!" We told him we were and he got the biggest smile on his face.

We were going to our car and he heard very loud music in the car parked next to ours. He commented, "That is NOT good music! We should not go in their car!" Guess he didn't like it!

"That cabbage is so tasty but I don't like it!"

Today he got in trouble and told me, "But if you give me a time out, I will just cry and cry forever! I will be SO super duper really big huge sad!" Ha Sorry little dude but teaching you to listen is a little more important! I think I'll take my risks!

Two days ago I made him a toasted pb&j sandwich. It just did not float his boat! "No Mama! This is *not* how Wallace & Gromit had toast!!!" Apparently theirs was open-faced, and not folded like a sandwich. Oh my.  >.<

Some of the things that are really popular this year are inside out prints. I bought him two shirts like this, not even realizing that they were like this. He will have nothing to do with them! They are just too weird for him I think! Silly boy.

He had a fever this weekend :( But Monday he woke up fever-free! He told me, "I don't have a fever anymore Mama! I am normal now!!!!!"

Other favorites-
You can't believe your eyes!
Sounds like a plan!
I love you more!
I have a super great idea!
I'm blasting out with happiness! (or sadness)

We sure do love him! :)

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