Bits of Sweetness: Catching up on family time

Catching up on family time

Valentine's Day this year was pretty low key. I love to plan and had tons of fun ideas saved off of Pinterest but when reality hit, I chose to do just a few special things. Breakfast was sweet and simple.

Andrew's valentines were simple too. I've discovered that you can find just about free printable anything and so, to save time and work with what we had for treats (fruit snacks!) I used these adorable printables and put a little valentine together for his friends.

Josh ended up getting off early from work and we enjoyed some much-needed family time. 
I don't know about you, but Josh and I don't ever  really feel like going all out for presents on Valentines. We'd rather just get sweet thoughtful little things and save the money for other things throughout the year. Josh surprised me with chocolates and gum and a sweet card (he sure knows what I love! Gum is the one thing I am always stocking up on. It's a silly little splurge but something I love. ) For dinner, we decided to venture as a family to a local Greek spot that's hit TripAdvisor for their delicious dishes. {My phone died or I would have captured the rest of the day. (Sometimes though, I think it's a blessing to be able to just step back and enjoy the moment rather than feeling the need to capture it and show that it happened.
 We all have the memory!) } 

They sure made for some great leftovers the next day!
{If you ever have the chance get keftethsa! It means biggest freaking meatballs ever! 
Soo good!!}

This weekend we headed up north because Josh was needing a new pair of shoes.
I wanted to get him some that would support his feet better since he's on them a bit.
After all, you don't survive several club feet surgeries 
and not have some issues later on being on your feet!
We found the pair he wanted, but they weren't wide enough but they can order it for us. 
I am thankful we decided to go to the store though because while I love ordering online, 
returns can sure be such a hassle! Companies are getting smart and now you have to deal with return shipping fees, and sometimes restocking fees, and who wants any of that?!
No pictures of the shoe store. I mean really, how interesting would that really be?!?!
Although looking back, maybe uninteresting is a good thing.
What happened next was just fun

We stopped for a brief "just-going-to-run-into-the-store" errand. 
In short, it was exciting.
Cue: 20 minute search for 2 items//10 minute search for bathroom//Andrew bloody nose//very hungry fussy Adrian//mucho sad Andrew over eardrops
Yes, exciting. We finally left. After probably half an hour.
Isn't that life though?!

Afterwards, the marine life center. We went at a good time!
They just recently found an octopus that they have on disply. I had never seen one this close up.
Aside from the semi-creepy octopus eye, it was pretty cool.

So excited that he was brave enough to touch the starfish!

Awesome dome you can go inside. Andrew loved it!

Enjoying the boats outside

Baby it's cold outside!
Ahh I love living in the PNW!

After that we went to this oriental restaurant that was amazing.
Except, we had yet more fun!
Cue: hyper bored 5 year old//fussy baby//Mama drenched in spit up//tea spilled all over

Oh the memories!! :) But, I honestly wouldn't trade them for anything. 

So, how was your weekend?

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  1. Octopus eyes are creepy...kinda like goat eyes! lol. We still need to check that place out!


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