Bits of Sweetness: Dear Friday...

Dear Friday...

Dear Friday, Once again, Saturday took your spot as the day I'm looking forward to. Sorry, but time spent with the hubby kindof trumps blah appointments.
Dear hubby, I love you. A million m & ms so. And when I suggested that for your birthday you might spend a day with the guys and you told me, "But I want to spend the day with you." my heart melted and the butterflies commenced and... and.... Sigh.... I love you. Forever. Honey, you remind me of everything good I have in life. SO much of it is in you- in your patient ways, in your wisdom, in your caring, wanting to make sure I'm ok-  I love you. Here is to the next 50 years (God-willing).

Dear Adrian, Sniff. You really cannot be old enough to be transitioning to your crib now, can you?! You and your brother fell asleep in the same room tonight. You may or may not end up with us though because, I still like my baby snuggles! Shhh!
Dear Andrew, Thank you for your hilarious moment this week!
{"Look Mama! It has 100 in it! We need to get this!!"}
Dear blissful sunshine, Ahh that's what you're like again! I am ever-so-thankful for you sixty-degree temps that made for a sweet park playdate today!
{Discussing slaying dragons by stomping through that metal grate! 
They then proceeded to try to!! So funny!}

{Chillin' at the park! Which autocorrected to "choking at the park".
Talk about auto correct fail !!!}
{X marks the buried treasure aka his frisbee!}

Dear Craigslist & Swap/Buy site, Mmm How I love saving $230 on things from you! I now have no excuse to not go running with my almost brand new Jeep jogging stroller. Speaking of which.....
there's my jogging motivation!

Dear Julian Fellows, SERIOUSLY?!?!? No way did you just.....!!! Please tell me you really did not end season 3 that way!! You're killing me! (No pun intended!) But alas I cannot wait for the premiere of Season 4! Ahh April is so far away!!!!!!! It's become our favorite date night!

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Happy weekend! What are you looking forward to?

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  1. such a cute family!
    thanks for stopping by my blog. nice to "meet" you :)

  2. Aw that was so sweet of your hubby!
    You have such an adorable family :D
    Congrats on your savings, dang!!

  3. Love your letter--what a fun week you guys have had!! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog--I'm your newest follower.



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