Bits of Sweetness: It's ok...

It's ok...

It's ok that...

-I'm a right-click nut. What can I say, I don't like to lose my place!
-I have way more on my Pinterest craft page than I have time or money for. A girl can dream, can't she?!
-I spend way more on blessing others than I probably should. It means a lot to me to make their day.
-I enjoy hot showers way, way way too much. Like almost scalding hot. Josh teases me endlessly for how warm I like it. Showers are to me what chocolate are to others. It's how I unwind on a hard day.
-dinner tonight was just simple pork roast thrown in the crockpot, green beans & instant taters. Dude, simple is my salvation some nights.
-I almost sobbed like a baby when Andrew read his first book page last night, almost entirely on his own. When did he grow up that much??
-I just spent fifteen minutes attempting to fold this silly paper airplane and, let's face it- I can't fold worth beans. Somehow though, our son seems to think I am his hero because it's a "way cool awesome airplane Mama!!" Ok, if you say so ;-)
-I get a little carried away with a simple game of Cooties. Gotta keep that winning streak up, right??! Even though, erm, it may just be against a 5 year old. {Insert sheepish grin}.
 -I was more excited than Andrew about finding a Magic Castle Reader set of 15 books for just $2. Oh the sweet childhood memories!

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