Bits of Sweetness: Love is...

Love is...

How to even begin to define what love is for me. It's so complex and yet so simple too. They say the Eskimos have 52 words for snow. I wish we had that many for love! I will attempt to do justice, but don't hold it against me if I utterly fail! Here goes...

I love you Josh! And I am so thankful you are mine!
A few more fun things that are special to us-

-all our date nights in & the silly amount of $ we sometimes spend on special snacks just for our "date night"
-seeing his eyes light up when he sees me
-the fact that he calls me beautiful & gorgeous
-watching him play with our boys
-sacrificing for each other so we can both have "me time"
-supporting each other in chasing our dreams
-silly little inside jokes
-respecting that he does not like to share his food!!
-knowing that a thing of Mountain Dew makes his day
-tickle wars
-not getting peeved at the toenail clippings & beard trimmings he leaves in the sink!
-realizing that it's ok that we need to take a break
& regroup before finishing a disagreement
-sharing a love for swedish fish,&
and pizza with pineapple & olives

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  1. You gave it great justice!!! Love inside jokes and how they r so special! Thanks for linkin up Laura!! I am so thankful for ure friendship and support! xoxoxo


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