Bits of Sweetness: Resolution checkup

Resolution checkup

I thought I'd share more of the resolutions I made for the new year and how I'm doing, because, well, I don't know about you but if I make a grand resolution but never tell anyone, I find myself making all kinds of excuses to get out of it!

Resolutions for 2013

1} Find more ways to verbalize & show the hubby that I love him-
this is actually going really well. I won't lie- we've definitely had some rocky spots but things are turning around and it is amazing how much of a difference it makes to simply thank your spouse for what they do, and focus on the positive to motivate rather than the negative. It works wonders. 

2} Letting go- this is the phrase I picked for this year because it is something that is SO hard for me to do. So far, it's been a challenge but a good one. It's been good for me to truly let go of some big things I'd been holding onto and the freedom from it is nice. I still have a ways to go though! I mean, it's easy to let go of things when it's people you don't see on a day to day basis but when it's someone like a family member or best friend, it's a little bit different story. I'm learning to appreciate different points of view & let go of the comments that sometimes I maybe let get to me too much. (well, at least working on letting go of)

3} Be on time- Oh yikes. I am so bad at this. Does anyone else feel like it's getting ready for a week-long trip just to get out the door? Some days I feel like we are never going to make it to where we are going. Still, I try.

4} Exercising more- well, I couldn't have given myself better motivation! I signed up for my first 5K! {GULP!} Want to hear a funny story? Like the time I ran 500 feet and was done.... Yeah so about that... I guess you have to start somewhere, right?? The 5k run is Memorial Day. Wish me luck! Oh and another funny story? I totally had the math wrong on how far a 5k was and was thinking it was just 2 miles but oh guess what? It's actually three. Hilarious.

5} Have more patience and love with Andrew- yikes again. I think we skipped all the terrible 2s and 3s and it hit full force at 4 and now he's 5 so it's even more fun. There's strong-willed and then there's extra super strength just awesomely fun strong-willed. You can guess which one our sweet son is. I am working really hard at responding to him gently and calmly... Sigh. Yes. Working. Hard. Trusting God a lot and praying. Hard. Very super extra strength hard. 

6} Saving money- Those online accounts linked to that "buy now" button kill me! It is SO easy to just purchase it and pay for it later but, it all adds up. So, my decision this year? Let Josh pay for online purchases. It was not an easy decision and it was kindof humiliating to ask him to do that for me because I mean, come on, who wants to admit weakness? But, I am thankful I did. Our wallet is feeling better for it. As far as saving money in other areas goes, I am torn about the make-at-home stuff. I've tried making laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent but, neither were strong enough. So, back to diluting what we currently have to save money I go. I'm kindof doubting some of those awesome-sounding Pinterest ideas. Like maybe the photo was photoshopped or they secretly didn't use what they said?? Hmmm.. I wonder!

How are your resolutions going? 

After Day 1 of 5k training!! 

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  1. Good resolutions! I didnt make any so I have none to share ;)


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