Bits of Sweetness: That time I traveled alone with kiddos & didn't lose my mind

That time I traveled alone with kiddos & didn't lose my mind

Well, at least almost!! It was a little crazy traveling to our destination because I hadn't quite figured out smooth sailing when traveling alone with kiddos but, we made it! Some highlights of our trip and then some good ideas if you're thinking of traveling with kids!

We gave Daddy lots of loves before we left 
(They were super nice and gave him a pass to come back with us!)

We were all happy campers on the plane (thankfully!!!!!)

We didn't even pay for a seat for Adrian 
(even though Southwest does offer discounted infant fares)
but the plane was only half full so lucky little guy got his own!

Ok one more just for the cuteness!

We were pretty excited about the snow! After all, we don't get a lot where we are!

Thanks to a high pressure system in the area, it was cold.
Like, really.

We were able to spend lots of time with my mom and grandparents while there.
I am so thankful the boys had time with them all.

Hot snickerdoodles in falling snow?
New fave thing!

It's funny, but one of the things that I really wanted to do was
hit Arctic Circle. They have fry sauce. It ain't just your ketchup-mayo mix.
It's better!! We don't have any where we are, so stopping there was a must!
What a memorable trip with good burgers too! But, also freezing cold!
Their playland heater was broken! It must have been 30 something degrees in there!
Brrrrr!!! Andrew didn't seem to mind though!!

Other highlights: Getting to go shopping with my best friend
Seeing the Complete works of Shakespeare Abridged with my Grandparents & Adrian

Andrew learning how to make a domino train

Adrian picking up some mad Canasta skills

Andrew did fantastic in the car!
{We flew into Salt Lake and rented a car to drive up to Idaho}

We were able to stop and see one of my good friends in Salt Lake.
Adrian got a baby playdate!!!

We hit up In 'N Out!!!!

I survived all ten days fairly unscathed!

And.. we made it safely back home!!!
Andrew made sure we were traveling safely!!!
{He must have read that manual 10 times there and back!! 
He loved it! Noo idea why!!}

Home.. sweet home!!

So... tips for traveling smoothly with kids!!

Be prepared
Pack fun snacks
Wrap little gifts to open
Play eye spy
(having just one bag with all our things saved us!
Plus we put our coats and anything else extra in luggage)
If your kids understand $ give them quarters
(or dollars) for good behavior & spending money
Pack powdered drink packets & empty water bottles 
to fill past security and save money!
Download new shows or movies to your phone or tablet
Leave lots of time so you're not stressing 
over getting to the airport & to your gate!
Hint: Moving sidewalks are fun!
So are trains
For car travel: books on CD are awesome
Stickers are good too
Magnetic boards are great
(You can make your own using magnetic sheets & pictures!
Put on a mini cookie sheet!)


  1. wow! that's quite the task flying with two little ones! good job mama!! those are great tips that i will file away to a time when i might need them:)

  2. Glad it was successful!! I am jealous of that snow, too. I wish we could get some around here!

    Great tips too. I could use there later on :)


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