Bits of Sweetness: That time we didn't buy a house...

That time we didn't buy a house...

Yeah.. I really did write that correctly. The time we didn't buy a house. Almost. So close. But didn't.

 We were recently approved for a home loan with a 3.25% interest rate. Crazy good, huh?! And, it was a 38 year term so even better yet!! We have wanted to buy for a long time. There are so many little things that just add up- not having a yard for the boys to play in (asphalt doesn't quite cut it, huh?), only having one bathroom, having a tiny washer and dryer in the only bathroom, needing more than 2 bedrooms, not having much storage, having small square footage- the list could go on. It was like the angels were singing. I couldn't wait to start looking! And then the fun began. Because we were going through USDA, the houses had to be energy efficient, and most of the houses in our price range were older homes that would need major updating- insulation, all the windows, and/or  roofing to name a few. Normally those things can be worked into the agreement for the seller to fix, but with so many bank-owned homes on the market that are sold "as-is" this would fall to us to fix. We had no idea how much we were going to have to look at. We crunched numbers. We crunched numbers some more. Despite the fixes needed, there were some great houses we had looked at! We crunched numbers again. No matter what we did, it just wasn't going to work. I was bummed, to say the least. Here we had this fabulous opportunity, but no way to really be able to feasibly do it. We crunched numbers one last time. I just didn't want to give up hope! But, no way buster brown. Ain't gonna happen. For now at least. The blessing in it is that our tax return was more than we thought it would be (yay education credit!) and we'll save it and reapply later. {Hopefully next year be looking again!} It's so hard to turn down opportunities that are great. But, I am thankful. Thankful that we aren't in a situation where we have to move. Thankful we had time to come to a well-rounded wise decision. Thankful for God not giving us peace about any of the places we had looked at. It was pretty clear. We are trusting that there is just something better out there!

And for now, we are very educated pre-home buyers. (If that's even a phrase ;-) )


  1. I can't wait for you to find the house that makes it all make sense--the lack of peace about the others, the way it hasn't yet come together--and for God's peace to be ALL OVER the place He has in store for you! :)

  2. Hey Laura! I admire your positive attitude :) We haven't bought either for the same reasons finacially :( But what will be will be and you said it all in that last line..."thankful for God for not giving you peace about any of the homes you looked at", the right time will come one day and hopefully next year for you guys!!! xo


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