Bits of Sweetness: Wordless Wednesdays//New chapter in life.. for now

Wordless Wednesdays//New chapter in life.. for now

I am stoked. I have a new job- if you can even call it that- watching my friends' two sweet babies (and our own two) for a few months. I know, I know, some might think, "How is watching 4 kids (and two dogs) not a job?!" I guess to each his own though. I love it. These kiddos have a special spot in my heart. Some sweet moments from today-

{Andrew said he wanted to marry her someday because he loves her!}

{Perfect start to my morning!}


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  1. how sweet!! Good luck with watching 4 kids - what an awesome way to earn some extra money and help out your friend. I have 5 kids and even though it is busy I love it.

  2. Love those times!
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