Bits of Sweetness: Faithful


Two months ago, we had no idea that-

Josh's position would be cut at work.
I'd have unemployment repayments to make. 
or that
A big school loan settlement would be due.
But, it amazes me, how time and time again,
He is faithful.
The school settlement was able to be put on hold for now,
unemployment repayments aren't due until next month
and can be reduced.
Best of all (this amazes me),
the day Josh's boss found out the announcement,
that his position had been cut,
one of his co-workers in shoes
put in their notice.
He used to work in shoes. He knows it well.
It is a pay cut. And retail hours that are all over the place.
And hard to make plans with, especially with a family.
But, it's a job.

It's easy for me to feel the huge weight of the "but what if"s-
But what if there hadn't been a job available?
What would we have done?

What if that loan couldn't have been put on hold?
What if?? 

Josh reminded me that we need to stop focusing on the "what if"s 
and focus on the what is
I needed that reminder. 

Lyrics from one of my favorite songs-

Some would say that You cannot be found,
and some would say that You are far away,
but I know You're the God who lives in me,
And I know You will always have my heart.

Cause You are good, and Your love endures forever.
You are good and Your love endures forever.
You are good, and Your love endures forever, 
You are good, You are good.

Know this-
No matter what, God is faithful.
It might not make complete sense right now
what is going on, 
and what the bigger picture is,
but just trust.
He is holding you close to his heart.

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