Bits of Sweetness: Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

I think it's tradition now to do this post on Saturday ;-)

Dear Friday, While nothing too exciting happened, you represented one of my favorite words today- "comfort." Bring on the relaxing, sweat pants, snuggles, and homemade chicken noodle soup. Oh yeah. And recovering from some achy bug. Glad it's mostly over! Dear vinegar, I never would have guessed that you cure sore throats. Wish I'd known this sooner! One tablespoon doing the trick? No way. But.. yeah...! Dear Biscotti, You may or may not have been my breakfast today. Oops. Have to do some quality control though, right?! I mean I wouldn't want my dear friend poisoned by this or anything!!!! Dear Lecrae, Thank you for your daily inspiration and the encouragement to pursue Godliness.
Dear Tory Burch, I will take several of your dresses, including this one, mmk? I am in love with the bright yellow! And that necklace! And... and...{just maybe not cut that high. After all,true beauty comes in leaving a bit of mystery. I don't know when flaunting it all became beautiful.}

Dear Adrian, I cannot believe you are up to 15 lbs 3 oz already! However, you're not even on the charts for height at 24 inches!! That's ok though! You come by it honestly! Your little fit ten minutes ago was near heartbreaking, but, sweet son, you may not have a price tag to chew on! You are starting to get super vocal these days and let us know if you don't like something! Your favorite thing? Shoving a baby wipe about an inch into your mouth. You just let it hang out and get the biggest grin about it! You make the biggest fuss if we take it away! Silly boy!

Dear Girl Scouts, It's all your fault if I wake up in a cookie-induced coma from Savannah Smiles//Thin Mints//Samoas. I nearly polished off a box of Savannah Smiles all by my little lonesome last night. Oops.
Dear Google Glass, Whoa. I am tripping out. See the ad here. Would you want one? 

Happy weekend, friends! What are you looking forward to? We have a fun dinner/game night planned with some sweet friends! Now to go change into some clothes that don't have spit up on them! {I knew there was a good reason I waited until 2 pm to take a shower, right?!}


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