Bits of Sweetness: Sweet like tea, on my mind

Sweet like tea, on my mind

What I'm loving lately-

This lovely little print. I'm thinking of getting it and adding it to our bedroom wall. It sums up so well just how much I love my hubs.
I don't know though. This is a close favorite. Maybe I just need to start a freaking collection!
Making a spur of a moment decision to press that little "request limit increase" for my hubs JCP card,and it being.... wait.... approved ?! For like, ten times what it had been. Whoa. {We are being good and not spending anything on it though! At least not until we could pay it all of in one statement. There's trying to be adult for ya. Ha. }
Waking up just half an hour before a playdate. With crazy nuts hair. But then deciding to just make it what you can, send out an "I'm so sorry we're running late" text and just do the playdate anyways. Because you know what, playdates are good for the soul. And, I'm coming to find that good friends understand the times we are just having those running-twenty-minutes-late day. {Not that that's not a regular thing for us anyways, but moving on...}
Getting my first Etsy shop purchase! (EEEK!!!!) So far, I have just Lightroom Presets up and a sweet boy bow tie. But more to come, all in due time. {Look for a giveaway soon!}
Finally (I think?) making a decision about where Andrew is going to kindergarten.(I really cannot believe I just said the K word!) Sometimes you just need to kick the I-don't-want-to-commit bandit in the keester and just deal. Because if it's important enough, I know we can make it work. It's just a matter of not having lots extra for the wants. But, it's just for a season of life right now, and that is ok. 
Lemon. Oh my goodness is it ever springy. The color. The scent. {I am So into the lemon scents right now. There's this coconut lemongrass scentsy bar that is divine.} What says spring to you?
This article. Oh heart, you needed to hear that. Go take a minute and read it. It is like flowers for the soul. 

Oh and lastly, I'm going to the PNW Spring Blogger meetup. And soo nervous about it since I've never been before but always wanted to go. But, taking a step out on being brave. (Oh boy. Here we go...) Anyone else going?? 

Happy Spring!

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  1. Those prints look great!

    I love coconut lemongrass, it's one of my favorites.


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