Bits of Sweetness: Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Ok so, it was Wednesday when I started writing this. Does that count? Photos from lately (and as always, only semi wordless ;-) )

Playing together (although this consists mainly of Adrian eating the toys
and Andrew making crazy cool spaceships. 
But whatevs. They're happy together. And I love this.)

{Yay for Daddies who give great snuggles after shots.}

Ok ok that sad face is killing me too. So a happy pic.

{$3.00 clearance shirt score!!}

{New $10 little lamp that I love!}

{Last minute bowling with the bestie. 
True story: We thought we were rocking it with a score over 130.
Then realized that was the combined score.
We are awesome, what can I say!}

{Best friends 14 years.}

{Crumpets & lemon curd are now a pantry staple!}

Does he remind you of Cee Lo or what?!  

So yeah..short and sweet this week :)

Except, p.s. I am going to start making bow ties. Let me know if you're in!
Adrian sure is!

oh yeah and some good advice from Andrew on what you need to do to be a good friend!
{He totally had a girl in mind!}

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  1. Love all of the photos!

    Bow ties are just too cute.

    That list is precious, you should hang on to that. :)


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