Bits of Sweetness: Adrian 7 months

Adrian 7 months

Oh hai girl

Oh little man. 
See that "mischief crew" shirt he has on?
He sure lives up to it sometimes now with all the exploring he does 
and trying to find (and eat) paper, and hair, his two favorite things
(yuk, I know! Silly boy!)

This month he:

-loves food and has tried several soft table foods-
mashed potatoes, rice, peaches, banana chunks,
even a little ice cream from his Papa! Haha.
He loves it all and is quite adamant about being hungry!
Let's just say he likes his tummy full. Very, very full.
-is suddenly exceedingly mobile.
He nailed crawling in about two days.
He then went on to pulling himself to a stand 
and walking along things in the next few days.
This Mama heart can't take this all so soon!
But he is adorable nonetheless.

He is also-
-very curious about the world around him and tracks everyone 
and everything nearby. He doesn't miss a beat! He always looks for Andrew when he wakes up
-has started dancing to music in the form of swinging his little bottom around 
while on his knees. It is adorable. (No one showed him that either. 
He came up with it all on his own!)
-still loves to snuggle, but definitely loves to move around too!
-still takes 2-3 naps a day. Sleeps through the night on and off
-loves playing with cars and trucks, running them along.
-also loves to mouth everything to explore it
-LOVES making noises. Some he does: raspberries,  singing, screeching,
blowing little puffs of air (exactly like making a "p" sound over and over would be)
-fits into more and more 9 month clothes (including every single jammie I just found
off a swap/buy site. Ended up being just over $1 for each thing in great condition.
I am thrilled over the deal. However, I am totally tearing up over the fact that he fits into
the jammies that looked huge. (Insert sob). )
-is starting to respond more and more to his name
-is almost a pro at grabbing little things (like Puffs) and putting them into his mouth
-has the most kissable cheeks ever

-funny textures (big no on polenta!)
-being away from us/out of our arms for long (he's getting pretty clingy lately)
-strangers or people he doesn't realize he knows
-having things taken away (including but not limited to harmful things(favorite being cords & wires),
icky things- like paper & hair, and his favorite things, meaning anything he's holding.
-waiting more than .02 seconds for his food once he declares that he is hungry

His favorite things right now-
Sophie the Giraffe
Anything with a tag he can chew on.
Or socks. he loves those too.
People to talk to and be with.
Playing the piano (erm, pounding on it)
Being tickled.
His family.

First time trying ice cream. Thanks Papa!!

First ferry ride. I think he liked it :)
Here is a video of his giggles.
They are so precious.

Not that you're wondering, but those toys are down off his swing now.
Anyways, back to the cute giggles ;-)

We sure love you sweet boy.
Happy 7 months!!

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