Bits of Sweetness: Failing at it.

Failing at it.

I had a failure post running around in my mind. I was all ready to write (well, type) it out today. Not on the motherhood front, although there are plenty of days I feel like I'm just not quite up to where everyone else seems to be in the whole parenting thing. No, this kind of failure was on a personal level. I almost didn't want to write about it, but I also appreciate people who write about real life too, including the messy moments. So write about failure, I will. Over a year ago I started a medical administrative assistant/billing/coding program online. My goal was (and still is) to eventually become a medical coder working from home. Then life happened and I had to withdraw from the program.  I realized I still qualified to take the CMAA & CEHRS test though(basically medical office and medical records). But then my school closed. For good. Talk about a shocker! I didn't even know if I could still take the certification tests because it wouldn't let it me schedule online. Huge praise though that they let me! I took the CMAA test this past Saturday. It totally threw me for a loop. Like bad. The official study guide? I think it might make good firewood for our next bonfire (even though wait. We don't have a firepit or fireplace! Oh well. STILL.) There were maybe two questions from the guide out of the 110+ exam questions. Have you ever had a dilemma where there are two or more great options and you just can't decide because either (or more) would work and then it proceeds to drive you insane because  it would be nice to have some direction? Yeah that was the entire exam. No process of elimination. So many situational questions where multiple answers could have worked. It was crazy (at least, crazy for not being prepared and not having a heads up that I needed to study that way.) Not to mention all the laws and terms that I have forgotten in a years' time. I left just concluding that I was going to need to retake it. Failre? Sucky but I guess part of life.  Results were posted in two business days. Meaning today. I almost didn't want to check. In fact, funny thing- I almost had just called to reschedule the test earlier but forgot to. So, I checked. And, this is what I found.

I am not a screamer. Really not. But I think I screamed out of pure shock. Passed?!?! No. way. 
Just, no way. Seriously.
But, here it is (the temporary version at least.)

I am officially a CMAA!!
(Insert happy dance times like ten).
I can't believe I am actually on the way to achieving my dreams.

Next test up (CEHRS) is May 4th. Wish me prayers and luck. 

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