Bits of Sweetness: Fill in the blank fun

Fill in the blank fun

I think I'm on a blog post roll. I love fill in the blank related things, and thought I would take part in this week's fun. 

1. I don’t remember the last time I __came up with a meal on my own for dinner. I am just not that creative. I wish I was.I am constantly hitting up Pinterest for ideas.__
Some ones on my to-make list:
Chicken taco melt
This simple, yet amazing looking ham hock soup.
Dude. All the ham leftovers. Seriously... and we only had half a ham.
This creative take on Pizza with arugula, parm & prosciutto. 
I just need me some TJ's dough and I'm set! 
Kindof nervous about venturing out of my taste comfort zone for this though!

2. Sometimes _I seriously crave a Blizzard, because it's literally right across the street__ but usually __I can't get one because I always think of it when they're closed! Such a tragedy, I know!__ (They now offer Orange Julius smoothies too which are amazing (and if you sign up for their email club you get coupons for FREE ones! Which reminds me I soo need to go get a pina colada with my coupon! It's delish! I almost miss making them from when I worked at OJ. Almost.)
3. When I think of my childhood, I ___chuckle at how convinced I was that my closet held a secret wardrobe (think Chronicles of Narnia) that led to Disneyland. I also was convinced that if I jumped high enough, I could fly just like Peter Pan ___
4. I am not __trendy-fashionable by any means___, but I ___sure have an awesome wish list! Does that count??____. I just discovered Sammy Dress. And I'm so hooked. They have adorable stuff at dirt cheap prices. Go check it out.

                                                           Here are this week's questions.
Feel free to answer in the comments or link up your own post!

This week’s statements:
1. I don’t remember the last time I ____
2. Sometimes ___ but usually ____
3. When I think of my childhood, I ______
4. I am not ______, but I _______. 

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