Bits of Sweetness: High Five for Friday

High Five for Friday

Yay for Friday!!!!

This week-

1} Totally kicked Zumba's little behind. Why, pray tell, was I so scared and nervous of doing it??
It's way too fun to be scary exercise! Sign me up again! (Better yet this one was free!)
2} Got my bestie's official beautiful wedding invite in the mail yesterday!! (50 days!!!!!)
Annnnd stayed up until like 4 am today doing wedding decor planning with her! Totally worth it though.
3} We like some nanas!!
4} Big brother is a good sharer! Like too good! Little buddy sure doesn't mind!!
 No waiting til a year for sweets around here I guess?! Oops! ha!
5} He's decided ants are his new bestest pet! He loved this one crawling on him. Crazay!!

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