Bits of Sweetness: Humor for your Friday

Humor for your Friday

Have you heard of Web Cam Seriously?? You haven't? It's like the best free entertainment ever. Andrew and I just had a fun "photosession" (if you want to even call it that.) It's been a long time since I've laughed so hard. With Andrew's permission, I am sharing some of our favorites. (His of course, are the super goofy ones.) Can't say I didn't warn you of the silliness!!

First we were "stealthy secret agent ghosts!"

Then he wanted to do the "cool party one".
Yeah we are so living it up huh?! lol

We got a couple sweet ones

Hey look, we're art!

And then the silliness began!

And Andrew's personal favorite

Happy Friday peeps!
{and, I'm amazed if you survived that goofiness :)
I still can't believe I put those up!}

Also stopping by to say that I'll be taking part 
for the first time in the awesome Ultimate Blog Party 2013
Some of my favorite bloggers are hanging out there the next few days
and even better yet, the party is sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom &
 Picmonkey, my fave picture editing page.
Picmonkey makes it super easy to add great effects
and simple edits to photos (and most of the features are free)

If you're new here, welcome and feel free to say hi! I try to always comment back.
I'm often on instagram (lrailing) and lately on the blog page too. 

In short form who I am//what I love
Laura//married 6 years//handome hubs//2 adorable boys//5'3"//photographer//Christian//
Loves: Jesus..lattes..Target..good blonde joke..Seattle..roadtrips..
auto biographies..MUSIC..playing piano..collecting quotes

Happy weekend! (again ;-) )

p.s. I had to join in the "photobooth" fun too.
Exhibit a: sock bun failure

Exhibit b: post sock-bun craziness

Yep. :)

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