Bits of Sweetness: Life lately, according to instagram

Life lately, according to instagram

We are loving this kids Q & A a day book we got.
Andrew's answers always make me smile or laugh.
He said that last part with a confident chuckle.

Lately Adrian has not wanted to let his Mama pacifier
go out of sight! He has a hard time staying asleep without it!
Of course a regular one won't do. Just Mama. 
It's made for some very long nights lately.
I'm cherishing the sweet moments with him though
because he is so busy that I know all too soon
he will be running away from me :( 

Going down the slide together at the park!
So precious to watch!

Total #tbt moment (throwback Thursday if you're wondering)
I loved that movie and need to find it for Andrew to watch!

Looking way too big at the park!


Adrian sneaking some playtime in with Andrew's toys

Hairstyle I'm debating going with.
I'm not sure what would work the best with my round face.
Ironically, I don't want to look younger because everyone is always talking
about how I look at least 5 years lounger. I'd rather find something to add a few years.
I love long hair but... it just doesn't hold anything.
What do you use for volume?

Proud little scooter rider!
He memorized the route to a park nearby 
and took my dad there all on his own!

Dorito Taco Bake recipe I made up. So good and so easy!
Just mix 2 lbs browned hamburger with 1 packet taco seasoning +
jar of fave taco sauce + little bit of salsa & sour cream + any desired ingredients 
(like corns or black beans) top with 1 c. grated cheese, 2 c. crumbled Nacho cheese doritos
& then 1 additional c. of cheese. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. SO good!

I can't wait to read this book!
It seems like it's set up in a great easy-to-read way.

P.s. This song has been on repeat a lot lately. 
It just feels like spring and is full of life. 

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