Bits of Sweetness: Needing a Mommy Timeout- Stat!

Needing a Mommy Timeout- Stat!

Today was... one of those days. Totally one of those days. The kind that make me wish I had an extra $600 to book a quick getaway to Hawaii and say goodbye to the stress that inevitably comes with raising two kiddos. (Don't get me wrong here. I completely adore our kids. I wouldn't trade this Mama job for anything. But some days just make you go wow.) Since I don't see any ticket to Hawaii looking likely, I think I'll settle for a Mama timeout. You familiar with it? Care to join? :) Let me just put on some Dora and My Little Pony (yes, my son loves my beloved childhood show. Can't say I mind!) and we can sit down for a few. This is like the real life version of a coffee chat. Because I mean really, when you're a mama, a "coffee chat" is a great idea but only happens at the coffee shop sans kiddos. (And even then, we all know we can't help but check out phones just to make sure all is well on the home front.)

So anyways, back to this little mama timeout break.  I would make you an amazing chai latte with my new fave, vanilla almond milk. (Iced or hot? Blended? Can do that too!) Want to know my favorite little thing I add to all my drinks? Cinnamon. Yep. Amazing. (Also good for weight loss I hear!) So let's get on some good music. Have you heard the new JT album? Pretty good stuff! Loving the retro feel of "Mirrors" off it.  A welcome break from "if there's a place you gotta go, I'm the one you need to know" playing on repeat.  I'd probably share with a chuckle how our littlest didn't even end up out of his jammies until about 3 pm. (Hey they make for cozy naps, right?!) I'd hope you didn't notice the shades-of-grey- kitchen floor that is actually white. (Or, was once upon a time, because I swear that no matter how many times I get at it with a magic eraser and cleaner, the dirt busters get it back to its shade of grey the next day!) But then remember that good friends don't really care about the state of your kitchen linoleum, because good friendship goes past that (thankfully!) I'd get your thoughts on a Blogger meetup I have later this month. I am usually pretty confident, but for whatever reason, I am so nervous. Like, kindof ready to sell my ticket because there's another event going on the same night that would be enjoyable to go to. But, deep down, I think I need to go  to this meetup because I know it would be good for me and out of my comfort zone(it's a sit down event compared to the other being a more free flow mingle thing). I feel so small compared to some of the bloggers who will be there. I'm just me. I can think of so many reasons why no one would want to talk to me long. And worry about that awkward silence or else just the awkward exclusion that can come from not knowing most of them for a long time (and not knowing anyone in person.) So there's that. We'll see.

Ahh we'd better hurry. I think Dora is almost over! I'd want to know what was on your heart. I'm the kind of friend who wants to know beyond the "how are you?"s to what's really on your heart. What is on your heart and mind? Tell away! I'd tell you how grateful I am for the hubby still having a job after his company dissolving the position he had. I'm struggling with the whole random schedule and never having anything set in stone. It makes it so hard to plan with a family. It is what it is though. I'm just thankful he has a job. So complaining aside, I'm trying to see the positive of God providing it, even if some days it takes a lot of work. We'd probably have a few seconds of silence because I'm just not the super chatty type. I'd probably refill your amazing latte (or tea? We LOVE tea around here!) and ask what one pet peeve you have is. One of mine? People who so quickly jump to throwing around threats and insults just because an opinion you have doesn't agree with them. Dude, this video on that topic is amazing. (as are any of their other videos! ) Instead of being offended, I think more need to focus on letting go because face it- there is always going to be something we don't agree with. That's kindof life. And since when did insulting make me want to be nicer?? Yeah...

Another pet peeve? A certain hubby who leaves toenail clippings in the sink. I love him dearly. Oh I do but ewh. Really though, I can't complain because he gives great arm rubs, so there is that, I suppose :) I think Dora just ended. So, this Mama timeout will have to be cut short, but I am thankful for you oh my sweet readers. So tell me, what are your pet peeves? What are you working on being thankful for? Me? This silly sweet dear boy :) No one ever tells you how much work it takes sometimes to parent! But worth it, I know!

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