Bits of Sweetness: Never Have I Ever..

Never Have I Ever..

Never have I ever...

{one} eaten sushi. I can't get past the seaweed. Oh yeah and the raw part. But the seaweed. Yeah.. I'm good.
{two} gotten a dui. Because I don't drink. I don't look down on those who do, but for me personally I'd rather not. There are several reasons, some relating to alcoholism running in the family, some relating to wanting my joy and relaxation to not be connected to a drink but to things that matter more (like my relationship with Jesus and simpler ways to relax. That's the way we roll though and is us.)
{3} understood Poker. Ha.ha. Even after living in Reno. :)
{4} found a CD that I liked every single song off of. I drive Josh nuts with that. I'll want to listen to a fave CD but only a handful of tracks. He's more an "all or nothing" kind of guy. And that's ok too.
{5} understood why people get married just for love and happiness. Deep down, I think we'd all admit that we're going to eventually seek our own best interest and after the honeymoon phase dies down and the newness and excitement over the relationship starts to wear off, and you add a few kids and life into the mix, well, the tingly lovey dove feeling just doesn't tend to last long. It takes work to make a great marriage. A lot of work. It takes even more work to keep it out of a rut. God puts true long-lasting sacrificial love into it. That's all I have to say on that. 
{6}eaten cinnamon by itself. Dude the cinnamon challenge is just nuts! But I do have to say the videos from it are highly entertaining.
{7} gotten written up for throwing ice at someone while working at a fast food place. I may or may not have done this act and may or may not have gotten away with it due to the boss not being there. (Insert sheepish grin). I will say though it wasn't a customer and was someone totally asking for it. Even better yet: missing the nasty glare from a customer I didn't realize saw the whole ordeal. (Oops!!!) What can I say? Live and learn :D
{8} been to a Blogger meetup. But that is soon to change later this month (Eeeeek!!! Still SO nervous!!)
{9} paid for a big ticket item with cash. I really really want to. Get all Dave Ramsey on them. (Plus I'd love to see the car salesman's face seeing a whole wad of cash ready to buy the thing, no payments needed thank you. Mind you though, I'd be dressed decent because we wouldn't want to give them that  kind of idea for where that wad of cash came from huh :-p ) 
{10} done something laughably daring in an elevator, but I totally intend to this year. Some things on my list?
-Yell out "Group hug!" And then try to give one
-Do yoga
-Meow occasionally
-carry on a conversation with a complete stranger, pretending that they are a good friend, and asking them how their kids are doing.
-after the doors close and everyone is on, turn around and tell everyone, "I suppose you're all wondering why I called you here today."
{11} Gotten all our laundry done
said no one ever...

{12} thought of an idea this awesome

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