Bits of Sweetness: On forever time outs

On forever time outs

I don't know about you, but today felt like one freaking long timeout for our older son. Now don't get me wrong, timeout is not the only means of discipline we have up our sleeve. Oh there are lots. But being socially excluded is something that gets to him. He really really does not like it. And, it can be an effective tool to help him choose to change his attitude. Today was kindof like hitting one big replay button. I swear every time I turned around, he was doing something else to either try to push buttons, try to be annoying, or trying to destroy something. Lay on top of my brother? That was on my #1 to do today! Whee!! Chewing on one of my favorite toys to the point of no return? Oh that was #1 !/2! Laying out every.single.magazine I own so you slip on them? Maybe tying with #1! OH and can't forget- raiding your chocolate stash!!! That just might top #1!   Point in case, conversation we had earlier:

"Andrew, you need to take care of things. Destroying your toys is not ok!"
"But I LOVE destroying things Mama!"

Um right. Let me introduce you to a nice loooong timeout.

What is it with some days? It's like hitting a horrible part of a song that just so happens to have this nice deep scratch on the disk and so it goes back the last ten seconds over and over and over and over til you done lost your freakin' mind. Yeah so that was today.

But then I remember.....

Yeah there is that.

So, to humor myself I made up a list.

Things I'll Never Ever Ever Say to our Kids
Bedtime? What is that?! Why sure you can stay up til midnight!
(Followed of course by) Getting up at 5 am following your all nighter? Where do I sign up?!

Marshmallows for breakfast?But Not the big ones? Those won't work??Just the mini ones? And 100 of them? YES!
Of course you can wear my favorite dressy rainboots to play in the mud! Go for it!
You want to dump out the whole thing of bubble bath for just one bath? Well the cleaner the better, I say!
Of course you can draw a picture of a map to the moon and a hundred stars with a sharpie. On your face.

Why don't we put Dora's song "I'm the Map" on replay today really loud? We can all have a dance party to it!
Here's my nail polish collection! Have fun!

I got no answers. Just that this parenting a five-year-old thing//parenting kids thing can be mind-blowingly fun. Or challenging. Yeah probably more the second. I really don't see any balloons and confetti following today.
I think I shall go find my happy place in that sweet little tub of cookie dough. (It has powdered egg whites. I'm good.)
And then pray. Yes a whole lot of that. Because it is amazing the wisdom that can be found there. Totally trumps cookie dough I tell you. (Really :) )

And then maybe introduce our son to a kinder repeat track tomorrow.

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