Bits of Sweetness: On Sleep Training

On Sleep Training

We just got back from an amazing day in Seattle, and I have a post for that, but right now what's on my mind is sleep training our sweet baby boy. I never thought it would be so incredibly hard. We already went on this merry-go-round with Andrew. I feel like I should have this down by now, but apparently not so much. Then again maybe it's not the same.

Andrew we sleep trained around 5 months. Kiddo forgot that he wasn't in the newborn phase anymore and was still waking up around 3-4 times a night. He was also a sad little baby, and no one could figure out exactly why (tummy related.) Even with sensitive formula there was still some reason he was sad. We never did figure out what. But, back to sleep training. I was working full time. Josh was working too. I had to be up early and it just didn't work to be up 3-4 times a night, or more with him. So, we started sleep training. We'd check on him every 15-20 minutes to reassure him and got him up for a bottle once a night. It worked like a charm and although it was really hard at first letting him cry it out, it did end up working. I'll never forget how wonderful it was to have a semblance of sanity again! And sleep. Oh, blessed sleep!! Fast forward to this time around.

Adrian only takes a bottle if I'm not home. And even then sometimes protests it. He loves his mama. I can't say I mind him at all either. He is such a little sweetheart. For the first few months he was spitting up a bit (we think just related to over-eating since no food seemed to be the trigger) and so we had him sleep with us so we could keep a better eye on him and have much more peace of mind. Around 5 months we started having him fall asleep in his crib or his swing to start transitioning him to his own bed. He only wakes once or twice to eat but usually ends up with us because who likes to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep? Not me!

So the problem- not the sleeping part. That part he has nailed down. It's the whole falling asleep part that is getting us. And the not wanting to snuggle once he is sad and upset. We start out with a bedtime routine- changing him, reading a book, telling him it's time to go "night night." then putting him down in his bed after feeding him.   He used to fall asleep to nursing which was great, but won't anymore. I think he's starting to really sense when he is tired (even a little) and is fighting it tooth and nail. We are trying letting him cry it out but dude- this sweet boy can cry forever. Seriously. Hour? Two? Yeah. He will. Sometimes it's less. A lot less. it's not consistent so it's hard to know. I am so torn, guys. :( We have done the whole check on him every 15-20 minutes and reassure him but he just gets more upset about seeing us and wanting us to pick him up. Letting him cry it out can work but usually just results in him crying a... erm.- screaming this hoarse scream until he falls asleep exhausted. I feel so bad for the poor guy. Neither he or Andrew were snugglers at bed time so it made it kindof tough. As babies they both want(ed) nothing to do with sleep at all and would fight (do fight) it SO hard. I know it's just a phase, and will pass. A year from now we'll probably be laughing at ourselves, but for now we are just trying to hang on. Ah the things you never think (or realize) you'll have to go through as a parent!! Anything work for you guys? What tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve?

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