Bits of Sweetness: Some days you just can't win... {Hello Monday}

Some days you just can't win... {Hello Monday}

Seriously,you just can't.

Today was one of those total no-win days. For the most part at least.

Adrian was up often during the night and early too.
{ Hey Monday, how's it going? Starting out early I see?! But of course...}

Got out the door later than I wanted.

Made fun plans with Andrew before a photosession.

But of course due to time constraints those didn't work out.

Kiddo was devastated.

So of  course I told him when I got back we could go to the park.

But then I didn't bring my phone with on the photoshoot and what was initially just scheduled to be an hour took two. The amazing photos more than make up for it but...that vetoed the park plans :-/

{Ok Monday.. I'm kindof over you already.... Let up?}

So Plan B: Dairy Queen! Should be fun, right?

And it was. Until time to depart. Said kiddo had a meltdown about not getting to put a hundred coins in the cool Make a Wish coin thing. Oh just a couple was not enough. Cue whining. And complaining. We might as well have not even gone.

What do you do with the complaining? Does it get to you as much as it gets to me? I worked at a daycare for 3 1/2 years and have done nannying on and off ever since. Whining is like my biggest pet peeve.
Yeah. Exactly.

I usually tell the offender that, "Oh, I'm sorry. I can't hear you when you whine." And most of the time it works. But not tonight. It would be funny if it were more like the adults in Charlie Brown but oh of course not. It's like a symphony. Done by 3-year-olds. Way out of tune. With very high notes. And very loud notes.  Super fun. But I think the thing that gets me more? Ingratitude  I told our sweet boy that he needed to decide to have a happy heart or we weren't going  to be able to do special treats like this. And that he needed to stop complaining." Cue dramatic, "Ohhhh!! Nooo!! Then I will just NEVER EVER be able to get a treat. FOREVERRRR!! And then I will be really. SUPER. Sad. I will have big tears! FOREVER!! You will just make me cry!" Insert dramatic fake cry.

Ah some days. You just can't win. 

But there's always tomorrow, right??!

Hello Monday, I get that you wanted to keep me on my toes. Thank you so much. Really truly. Til we meet again next week! :)

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