Bits of Sweetness: Some days{Mama Memoirs Linkup}

Some days{Mama Memoirs Linkup}

Some days....

Just getting out the door by 3pm is a serious feat!

Having clothes on everyone is a bonus! We can just pretend it all matches, mmk?

Some days totally call for a chocolate sneak sesh in the closet.

Some days you've got that bucking bronco.

And then some days that little bronco runs buck naked, laughing all the way, leaving you far,far behind in the dust. Or kitchen. Whatever.

Some days call for impromptu dance parties cause mama is .02 seconds away from breaking out all kinds of levels of bat crazy.

Some days you realize *at* the girls night out that you have boogers on your shirt. (True story!)

Some days are filled with slobbery kisses and hugs that could squish a fly.

But oh are they sweet!

Some days the noise level would put a rock band to shame.... And then some!

Some days the royal subjects demand macaroni and then once served it, laughingly command you bring them jello instead. But only green jello. With sprinkles. Pink sprinkles. Because who likes mac n cheese?? Soo five seconds ago!

Some days are the days to rock those cute shades and pray no one sees the bags behind them! What the heck, why not just rock them inside too!

Some days are ice cream for breakfast kinds of days.

Some days are for putting on Cars 2. For the third time today.

Yep. These are the days.

And as crazy as they sometimes are, they are mine.

Now onto making more memories!

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