Bits of Sweetness: Stop beating yourself over the head!

Stop beating yourself over the head!

This has been on my mind a while. With the popularity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being a part of the daily routine of many, myself included, it's no wonder there are an abundance of articles. I found one today. It went something to the tune of, "We all need to stop making these networks such a big part of our lives because long term use just makes one discontent about their own life through all the super beautiful, yet unrealistic photos and status updates that flood our feed." I cry for a balance though. And so many other things.

I love to connect with others. I love that it is so much easier to keep in touch and update others as to what is going on in my and our lives. I love how simple it is these days to be a part of a community of others who share common interests- other mamas, friends, family, photographers- you name it! We all need community. It helps keep one maintain sanity through life. And, I definitely took away some grains of truth from that article. I don't, however, agree with it entirely. Maybe it's because the friends I have keep it real so to speak. I don't know about you, but my feed is not only flooded with the beautiful seemingly perfect. It's also flooded with the dog that just messed up the beautiful birthday cake right before the party. Or how about the awesome mess the kids just made right before the inlaws showed up. Or the craziness that is the hairdo of the day. Or the sad kiddo that is still adorably cute. Or the fact that dinner is something out of a frozen bag at 7 pm. That's because it's real life. I do understand the temptation to just showcase the grand and beautiful. I mean, the praise is nice, isn't it, upon posting a photo of a beautiful diy project you actually successfully did without documenting the horrific pile of laundry on the couch behind you. Balance though, right? Let's enjoy the awesome diy photo and then commiserate together about the laundry. Balance and being truthful are equally important. I say enjoy the moments, whether horrific or beautiful. The horrific makes up our lives too and it is important to be able to appreciate the raincloud, not just the rainbow that follows. (Even if, let's face it, it takes a lot of work to appreciate the trail of poop running down the bathroom rug from your potty training toddler. Or five year old. Yeah about that. Sigh. We are working on life skills here. Real life, eh? And I guess we'd say maybe an early artistic sense?? Maybe??? ;-) )

So moving on to Part B, also connected. (Oh wait you say. No Part A up there?? But whatever. You get the gist. Let's say that was officially part A. So moving on.) Have you ever felt it? The nagging feeling that you shouldn't feel content about your life? Kindof like women somehow feel like they can't just love themselves, or accept a complement straight up? That they need to somehow counter it with a put down of themselves. I don't know why this is, but it needs to stop. You are amazing just how you are. Likewise in the instatweetbook world. (Like my new word?? yeah?) Ever feel just slightly bad for posting something that might lead people on to think that you believe your life is amazing, or even slightly so? Like it would be a great breaking of some unwritten code of law to take the slightest bit of pride in the life you live because, oh, I don't know, it might make someone else feel bad about their own life and then what a horrible thing that would be to be responsible for that? And no one wants to make others feel bad or inferior, right?? I mean, we can't be content about life, right? Um, ahem.  People, we NEED to stop beating ourselves over the head  for deciding to love the life God has blessed us with. The beauty of having joy for others' success and blessings is that you can also be confident in your own without worrying or wondering. True friends don't feel the need to compare and can share in each others' joys. Basically, be happy about your life! Own it! It's yours. God has blessed you with it! It's ok to enjoy it to the fullest, and those lousy lame stinky moments? Own those too. Be honest about those moments with friends because true friendship helps each other through the didn't-get-to-bed-til-3-so-my-house-is-a-mess moments. Or the dont-have-anything-fashionable-to-wear-but-I'll-still-spend-time-with-you moments. Real life is honest. And true friendship appreciates that.

Something the article touched on that I actually do appreciate. Challenging us to stop being discontent in our own lives. At first, I didn't want to hear it. I mean, really? I love the life I have (at least for the most part). But, it does make sense. Have a boring lull in your life? Go check Facebook. Have an icky moment? Go check instagram because surely someone else is doing something way more exciting. But here's the thing- we all have the boring, icky, mundane, not even cool enough for a blog post moments. And, we need to learn to own those too. They're not great. They aren't what we'd really even want to share with anyone. But they are ours and it's good to learn to love them too.

I don't think we need to veto social networking in its entirety. Connecting is important. But so is a balance. Strive for that.

Love your life guys.
It's the only one you have.
Share a balanced, honest life.
But mostly, learn to love all of your life!

I need a print of this!


I needed this reminder.

And lastly,

Loving the life God has given me.
Without apology.

Or complaint.

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