Bits of Sweetness: Weekend fun thanks to PBS Kids{{& weekend recap}}

Weekend fun thanks to PBS Kids{{& weekend recap}}

You say weekend, we say fun! This weekend was right up that alley.

Can't forget the awesome girls night precursor to the weekend, complete with garlic fries (gaaaarlic friiiiies!!!! I seriously would take their last name if I could have some every day!!), Mariner's game, and just a fun no-kids-just-girls time together. (Of course, this doesn't include the 20 minute crazy drive all over town to find where the heck I had parked but we'll leave that little detail out, right? ;-) I have the sweetest friends who were willing to do it, what can I say? )

The weekend itself started out with a haircut, which I think I actually like. It's definitely different.


Then moving on to our fun.  Andrew and I were in some need of some us time, so we went down to Seattle (with my dad too) for this neat event sponsored by PBS. As it turns out, there are a lot of kiddos who don't have easy access to resources to promote early learning. PBS wants to help change this. They have developed a bunch of apps to help develop not only a love for learning at an early age but promoting educational things through the apps (so the kids aren't, you know, growing lazy brain cells. Not that that's even real or anything ;-) ) We got the chance to test out these new apps. I was curious what Andrew's reaction would be, since he is a huge fan of playing any kinds of games, and loves PBS.

Verdict? He did not want to leave! Huge hit!!
We now have the page bookmarked and apps downloaded!

I love that PBS is trying to think of ways to help kids love to learn and 
giving parents easy tools to help make the learning happen right at home.

You can check out some of the cool games here and
 find out more info about some of the awesome (bilingual!) apps they already have here

So, has anyone else felt the frustration of a parent in thinking you have your
kiddo figured out, knowing what things to try to avoid, and what things they are 
ok with when out of nowhere, something they have been fine with is suddenly WAY not ok?!
Yeah? Well, that so happened Saturday. Literally right as we were heading into the event,
Andrew decided he wanted nothing to do with it. (I think he had seen the cat in the hat
and it scared him a little? But I'm really not sure!) He is usually Mr. Confident
and new things don't usually phase him. But this? He was not having it.
I had to carry the poor kid in, screaming, and protesting.
If we lived close I probably would have pondered leaving, but it's a long drive, so 
just leaving wasn't really the best option. 
So then I did what all good parents do when stuck in a tough situation- pull out the bribing guns.
Oh yeah. I think I win a fail award or something? But whatever. It worked. 
He stuck pretty close at first. And then started to spread his little wings.
The Cat in the Hat even came to say hi. Which made him cry! Poor guy.

Eventually though, he decided he would be brave and wanted a picture with the Cat!

More of Seattle in pictures-

Getting a free Honest tea sample, then planting a seed in the same (eco friendly) cup? Booyah!

I see triple sweetness!
See that smile? Oh total boyish mischievous grin
 over what (or who?) he could spray with the huge water stream!

Yes, we love Seattle that much!!

All in all a fun weekend. 
Now to go finish editing some pictures from this cutie's session.
This was my third session with this handsome lil dude.
It is always such a joy to watch my clients as they grow!
So yeah, I really am a sucker for a fun adventure-packed weekend. South an hour drive three times in one week?? You don't say! Lots of miles for us this weekend but so worth it! 
I think I hear "relaxing" with my babies calling my name!

Oh and, hopefully get over this sniffly crud that is hopefully not allergies.
But annoying whatever it is! Kleenex really are not the prettiest accessories! :(
For now I chug OJ. Pulp free of course.

For more info on the awesome PBS apps be sure to check here and here!

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