Bits of Sweetness: A little weekending here, there & everywhere

A little weekending here, there & everywhere

Yeah not even a word but I like it :)  We had ourselves a good weekend, for the most part at least. It kindof matched the weather- sunny, rainy, ominously cloudy- little bit of everything. ( I love that word. Ominously. It sounds so dramatically important.)

Recap in photos:

Got a little photosession in

Much-needed girl time with the friendsies was gotten.
Those sandals inspired my nail color. Aren't they perfect?!

Ahhh nothing like pampered feet.

Ahem. Note to self. Double, no scratch that, triple check what the
sweet nail guy is talking about before you get the pedi
and then see that the three you got cost $94. Um yeah. 9-4.

But then this little man. I mean just..

Totally makes up for the fact that he has yet to sleep through the night more than 2 or 3 times.

We got our cool-music groove on.
I officially vote that they have way cooler covers than some of the originals! Amiright?!

Cheesing and smoresin. Well, minus the s'mores part. Square marshmallows though?

This weekend? You probably heard all about it on the news (it made national!)
but an oversized load (that had been cleared by DOT!) crossed our local freeway bridge, hit some of the girders with the load, and literally crumpled part of bridge. This ain't not little back highway bridge guys! Over 70,000 people go through our area. A Day. We are so thankful it was not during rush hour.
Only three people were injured. No fatalities. A piece of our Skagit County hearts is missing though.
It feels so weird.
We went to go see it this weekend because Andrew hadn't yet. (It's like a pretty hot local spot right now.)
So, cue obligatory photo. 

Feels. so. weird seeing that. 

I think that started off everyone's weekend on a weird note.

I don't think the cold & rainy weather helped any.
(Can you say almost winter temps? Ugh.)

Misplaced a memory card. (I've never done that!)
Thankfully found it.

Had a fun movie day planned today seeing Epic.
Andrew lost that fun option after disobeying, even with fair warning.
I just wanted to take it all back.
Forget that he didn't listen.
Just bring on the fun.
But sometimes, the lesson is more important. Ugh.
So, stay home we did.
My Mama heart was much revived by blanket forts, 
and many many sweet hugs & kisses, so I suppose you could say
that it wasn't all bad.

Oh , life. 

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