Bits of Sweetness: Adrian 8 months

Adrian 8 months

Our little bug is changing so fast. It is hard to keep up with him (quite literally too!) There isn't a day that goes by that I can't resist showering his sweet chunky cheeks with kisses. His eyes are so often lit up with wonder, curiosity, and happiness. It is pure joy to be his parents.

He has changed a lot since last month. It is neat to see his new discoveries
and the ways we can interact that he understands that he didn't before.

New things this month-
Saying his first word- mama :)
Standing and taking a few steps holding on
Working on getting tooth buds up 
Learning new sounds- growling for fun 
(thanks Dad for teaching him that one!)
Pushing (or swatting or shoving) things away that he doesn't want
Holding and drinking from a sippy cup (water & mama's milk!)
Experiencing ice cream (again thanks to my Dad, and also Josh's Dad for those! Ha!)
Crawling away from me with an excited squeal 
because he knew he had something he wasn't supposed to!

He still loves nursing and me as a pacifier. We are working on transitioning him to falling asleep
in his crib (pack n play actually for now since the full size crib & Andrew's bed wouldn't both fit in the room) and I am trying to give him a last feeding and then let him fall asleep in his bed because I love him dearly but, I am getting sore!  Mama can only take so much, ya know? (He doesn't even have teeth yet! Those gums! Yikes!)

Our favorite things about him-
How he sings along in his sweet little voice. 
Seeing his personality develop.
How much he loves his people and being with people
His sense of humor
His squishable kissable cheeks
His adorable giggle

Cucumbers make awesome teething toys, just FYI!

Me with my bug

Um... we might need more peas!!!

Playing with his brother. These two are best of friends.

Love them!

Sweet video of Adrian babbling away

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