Bits of Sweetness: First World problems

First World problems

Just thought I would share some funny First World Problems I found around the interwebs.

Um, me, every.single.night almost.
Except right now. For whatever reason I want to break out the grill.
At noon.
But of course! It's not dinner time right now.
So of course I want to cook!

Ahh don't you hate that?! We need a half-a-pillow!

Hahaha YES!! Me and the hubby debate over whose setting is right.

Always!!!! Darn it!

Yessss so annoying!!!!!!!

And one more

My current first world problem?

The "home" button stopped working on my phone! Oiy!! 
You know how many times you have to push the "back" button to get it to go
to the home screen?! It's ridiculous. 

Thank goodness for me it magically started working last night!

What was your fave of those? :)
What one do you always run into?

Happy Hump day guys!

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