Bits of Sweetness: Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

Dear weekend, Hey! You! Yes you and your sun can stay for a while! A long, long while!
Dear CEHRS exam tomorrow, Please please, please be kind to me! It would be amazing to actually nail you! It's been over a year since I've been in your business and well, I'm a tad bit rusty, even with studying. We'll see :-/
Dear people who make textbooks, Really, really?? Just $30 something back for four books that cost over $400?! Ewh. I don't like you.
Dear tiny feet, Though you be but small, you be something important! (erm, something like that!) Small feet=girls section still fits! They're like $10 less. At least! (Just FYI, if you like TOMS and wear up to ladies 7.5 or 8, they make youth Toms up to those sizes. Just subtract 2 sizes from your regular size and that is your youth size. i.e. Womens 6 would be Youth 4. They are like $15 or more cheaper! You're welcome!)
Dear Photography Page, No way can you almost be to 500 page likes? Like whoa. Seriously. (If you want to help me get there, and also enter to win a free session, go like the page and recent posts! If you aren't local, no worries, you won't be entered, but feel free to go "like" it to get updates ;-) ) Go check it out here and I will love you forever!
Dear living room, Yay you get to be organized for all of .02 seconds! From what I hear though, trying to keep a house clean with kids in it is like trying to brush your teeth while eating oreos?
Dear garlic fries, it's been over two weeks since I had the lovely likes of you and I am still craving you something fierce. I just might have to book myself another Mariner's ticket!!
Dear Mandisa, I love your music. This song has been on repeat. So energizing and positive!
Dear Candy Crush, Arghhh! You have me and the hubby hooked. It's so silly because we are so SO stuck on level 17. Um. 17. Yeah.. that sounds so lame haha.

What are you all up to this weekend? What is on your must-do/watch/listen to list? Iron Man isn't on my list since it is so rarely sunny here in the PNW! We will be soaking up plenty of Vitamin D!

Happy weekend!!!!

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