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Views from this weekend...

First Jedi battle #nerdfamilywin

Awesome impromptu date night. Godspell was great and it was
fun to see a girl from our church in it.

This article hit me like whoa. That part about having spent enough to equal a small car?
For serious. You can find this in the May issue of  "Real Simple" titled What Can you Really Afford. 

On another note I PASSED my second exam!!!
Now a certified CEHRS (Certified Electronic Healthcare Records Specialist)
So then this happened....

 Um yeah.....

Friday and Saturday were awesome. We played in the sun. We played in the sun some more.
And then a bug hit. And teething hit. And I'm behind on pictures from so much playing in the sun.
So, boo. :-/ Hoping Andrew starts feeling better. It's so hard seeing your little ones sick and 
all droopy eyed. You'd hardly know otherwise because he is so happy!
Just tired and not feeling good. And sometimes having crazy meltdowns over little things.
Like his pet ant getting out of his home. His sweet beloved ant that he had named. 
Cue end of world. Bad Mama for not keeping that ant in its home! Tellin ya!
As for Adrian, ohhh little man. Seriously. I snuck some teething medicine on his gums
 and the next time I pulled it out, he crawled away from me, screaming and crying mad. 
He knew what was up!  After just one application of the stuff. 
It wasn't even Oragel! It was the natural decent tasting stuff. 
Silly boy. At least he's pretty happy for the most part? 

We might need to get more peas though because I mean....

Yeah so.. there you have it. 
The good and the ugly

Now someone hold me because today our sweet little baby is eight months old.

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