Bits of Sweetness: Just me and my crazies.

Just me and my crazies.

Some days, I wonder. I really wonder if these adorable little minions that are my offspring have siphoned out my memory and brains and replaced it with a bumbling mess of... something? Some days, I wonder. Ten years ago I would have scoffingly laughed at my inability to simply remember where I placed my car keys. Like, really?! Methinks I need to duct tape them to my forehead. It's amazing, I tell you. I can set them down  and two seconds later be like, whaaa?? where did they go?! Or my phone? Oh don't get me started on that one! I need a bright neon green blinking light up case for the back of that thing! Then maybe I'd have a prayer of a chance! Maybe. Maybe I need the bright neon green blinking light up case for my keys too?!

Anyways, enough of that three ring circus that I myself am solely responsible for!

 Lately, I've come to realize that this, this is my crazy and my now. I might even tell you that it's growing on me!? Hmm, I don't know, because sometimes I feel my ten-years-ago self protesting greatly, but it is usually quite swiftly silenced by a sweet sticky hand that is slipped into mine and an "I love you" whispered in my ear followed by sweet giggles.

These are the bits and pieces of my craziness that I don't ever want to forget.

Like Andrew tonight, telling me that if I sent him to bed at 7:15 he would, "just come out and eat all the scrambled eggs so much!" (Scrambled eggs? That aren't made yet. Um... Ok...)

And then that moment earlier tonight when I was trying to get all my laptop stuff going before feeding Adrian so that I could, you know, effectively make the most of my time! But then I realized that some moments are better just simply enjoyed. After all, how can we really fully enjoy a moment if a million other things are begging for our attention? I'm not a super human, and I don't know about you, but my attention really isn't even fully in any of those things. It's like a really small piece of me that is trying to be divided and it doesn't work. So challenge to myself to stop trying to multi task so much and just focus on the task at hand. (It was a beautiful thing by the way, to just simply do one thing. Especially feeding Adrian. It was beautiful and bonding to intentionally savor the moment without being all "Oh I wonder what they commented back on that and oh! I need to check up on that email reply." I am determined to do it more. )

I am loving the spontaneousness of midweek adventures to Seattle. Even if it means returning at a ridiculously late hour for having to work the next day. Time with my dad and Adrian? Sweet.

Also, meeting other bloggers? awesome :)

My craziness? 
Having creases in my pant legs, and pinch marks on my arms
from this sweet babe having something else to say about ever being put down right now.
Thank you teething! Really!

{Ok so a cute picture lest you worry that he doesn't have sweet moments too?}

My craziness right now?
Dealing with trying to go GF for a month to see how Andrew does.
Maybe it'll help the extra energy (Like, extra, extra, extra) and impulsiveness and more.
Dude, this isn't easy. Seriously, it's in almost everything.
It means rethinking all our plans, but it's coming. Slowly.
Thank God for Udi's! And Costco that has GF flour!

My craziness?
So many photosessions to edit, so little time, and a bestie's wedding to go to
in less than a month. Ahh. 

Changes and transitions in life. New job. I don't like change.
I love it but I don't. I miss my other kiddos. I love nannying.
The goodbyes are the hardest :( I'm thankful though
God knows just what I need job wise though.
I hadn't planned on nannying more.
I honestly saw myself in the medical field now,
but oh what an adventure life is.

Josh's office position at JCP maybe coming back??
We hear the help line has been inundated with calls.
Wait times over an hour.
If you think of it, pray they get a little more flooded ;-)

This is my craziness.
I think I'm loving it.

How about you? 
What is your craziness?


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