Bits of Sweetness: Because, Just ORANGES!

Because, Just ORANGES!

Yeah so this week was comprised of Monday, Monday the II, Monday the III, Monday the IV, Fridayish, and now.. the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! Which, is so busy I think I need a weekend just to recover from my weekend. Anyone else?? It's all good though. (We have some fun celebrating coming up! It just crossed my mind that the 4th of July is this next week, but what else is new?! A friend posted a patriotic craft and I was all, "Say what?! Fourth of July?! It's June peeps! Apparently though July has a sense of humor.) I say heyy ya to that.

So a picture to sum up my week would go something like this
p.r.e.t.t.y. m.u.c.h.

Any of you who know me know that I am a generally positive person, and I love writing posts to that tune. But girls gotta keep it real (right??) Some days just aren't all sunshine and fruit snacks.

Fun we had this week?

Having an excuse to color with crayons (Although, it relates to all the debt we have. Apparently shading in progress made on a chart greatly motivates me? #letshopeso Also: apparently coloring never ages!  #dontjudge )

Finding out that #hashtagsarenowonfb - Aka I can't give you guys a hard time over that anymore! lol

Discovering this awesome design in the Jamberry catalog. And then some. My summer is officially looking pretty! (Hey guys they are buy 3 get 1 FREE right now!! These babies last like 5 weeks or longer! )

Being up til 2 or 3 am way too much this week (can we say teething babe, working full time & too much on my to-do list?!)

My sweet 50 mm biting the dust. (On a photoshoot nonetheless. Argh.) *insert photo with sentiments*

Cost to repair? $130
Insurance deductible? $1,000
So.. basically major fail.
At least I have backup, what can I say?!
I am officially having withdrawals.

Other joyous stuff?

Oranges. Because, just, yes. 

Screamfest ensued upon removal of dirt-covered citrus fruit.
Being the mean mother I am, I washed it off and gave it back.
Orange obsession for the win thought right?!
Also: I am dying from his chubby little fingers! So cute!

In other news, our garden- or, I should say, Andrew's garden, is doing great this year!
What can I say, the kid has more of a green thumb than me!
If you own an Android and wish you had the "Beautiful Mess" app,
try Pixlr Express here! It has fun stickers, fonts, effects & more, plus it's FREE!

This made me laugh. It is SO him. Always creative. Ever efficient! 

So, to end this incredibly neat, awe-inducing blog post (of so much nothingness, it's amazing)
I leave you with this video. It's like mind blown times two.

Then go lookup some more songs from them (the group is called Anthem Lights)
 I believe there is an N*Sync cover, JT cover + lots more where that came from.
I appreciate that they do clean covers of songs, so no worries playing anything around the kids.
They're also Christians which I love.

Winning? Doing a cover better than the original. SO yes.

Post coming up with fun stuffs for the 4th of July. Also doing a linkup for that on Sunday so get ready to linkup any fun craft ideas/recipes/stories from the 4th! 
(pretty please?? You'd make my week!)

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