Bits of Sweetness: Fathers Day on my mind

Fathers Day on my mind

Did you know Father's Day is this next weekend? Ha. Yeah. I just realized this. I don't know about you, but I always seem to think of things way in advance, and then remember either last minute or after I need to! Maybe I need a floating post it note board to follow me! (But then I'd have to remember to look at it!) Or maybe I'll just take my hubby's idea of writing everything I need to remember on my hand (true story!) In the spirit of staying frugal, but coming up with some neat gift ideas, I pulled some of my favorites to share with you all!

These easy cheeseburger sliders would be fun to make. 
I know Dads love to grill but why not treat him on his special day?

Why not surprise him with a fun custom tie?

How do I love you? Let me count the ways!

I love this cool "Dad" shirt!

This would be a cute addition to any wall!

We sure love our Daddy to pieces! 
And a great idea to give him his fave treat!

But, this is probably my fave idea!
Celebrating the love of duct tape everywhere...

But, this one is a super close tie!
Free back massage? Chyah!

Which idea is your fave?
What are you guys doing for Father's Day?
Adrian and I are going to be flying back from Reno Sunday
from my best friend's wedding (So hard to believe we leave tomorrow!)
so we will probably be keeping it simple and just going out to eat after we get back.
(After all, who needs spectacular every single year? 
Sometimes the simple holds even more grandeur.)

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